How to find the truth in the bible!


…for all religious fanatic bullies


My GOD is a living God, who is neither deaf nor dump and speaks for himself to his children. He needs no image made of him (Bible) to speak on his be-halve.

Jesus believed in SCRIPTURE, not in the bible.


We all know that the churches took many scriptures out the bible and I have 4 different bibles in 3 different languages (and English is not my mother-language). They all differ! Some have translation-errors, others have even less books in then most of them do.

The Holy Spirit points out to me where the errors or even FAT LIES are.

Example: Ecclessiasticus 42-12…


When I read the above the first time, I almost burned the bible and so did many other women when they read it the first time!

But guess my surprise when I saw that most bibles, including King James Version have already let it disapear?


Here is my prove that I did not invent it…

We won’t hear any priest reading this from the pulpit; I assure you!

But I heard Gods voice telling me:


Another message the Lord gave to me is:

I’m sick and tired of MEN taking THEIR LIES and turning them into MY WORD!’

So you see my predicament: GOD told me personally that he did NOT write or dictate everything written in the bible.

People who are righteous are not necessarily ‘right’. They simply believe that it is God talking to them, even if HE is NOT!

Plenty of them around now-a-days!

Any women still believing God wrote the bible after reading the above needs her head examined, and any man still believing it, is an MCP.

Example 1: Abraham:
‘Somebody claiming to be GOD’ told him to kill Isaak. If Abraham and Sarah would be living today and he would tell Sarah he has to kill Isaak on Gods command, Sarah would tell him to see a shrink; and so would WE. But God knew that Abraham was deceived and he then intervened and saved Isaak. God does not say ‘ thou shall not kill’ and then command you to brake his law!

Here are some more examples of how the truth has been twisted to make some men look better as they really were, by either those men themselves or by their followers.

Example 2:Lot
It is written that Lot protected 2 angels from the homosexuals by handing over his 2 innocent daughter to them, ‘so that they may know them’.
I got a ‘clever book’ out, to find out what ‘knowing somebody’ actually means, and there it was: ‘having sex with somebody means knowing them’.
WOW; so what should be written there is that Lot gave his innocent daughters to be raped, to protect those 2 angels. If those 2 guys were real angels, they would have protected those kids from their father!
Then it is written that his daughters made him drunk and’ laid with him to get pregnant’. That is still the same excuse all rapist and molesters use today; blaming their victims.

Then we read: a virgin will give birth to a son. Originally there was standing a young women, but when it was translatet into greek, the greek word for young was virgin. A simple transationerror!

Example 3:
Jacob was fighting with an angel; and he won! Another story letting my hairs stand up straight.
Angels do not come to earth to fight with humans, and if they do, they fight with BAD humans and THEY WILL WIN. So the angel was only a metaphor for a ‘good woman’.
Why would Jacob fight with her?
Judging by his lying, cheating and adulterous life, having more then one women, when God created one man and one woman and NOT one man and 4 women or more, I figured out very fast, that he forced himself onto her.
I soon got the confirmation in my dream, dreaming that Rachel moved him out her bedroom after that incident, and then I found a book in which was standing that the ‘angel’ did not want to sleep with Jacob because he was ISCH RACHEL which means ‘Rachel’s husband’!  This was changed to Israel.

My dream tells me that this women was Rachel’s new servant, after Jacob manipulated Rachel to do as Leah did, and give him her servant as concubilne. I may add, Bilah did not want to be his concubine, and was forced to, hence she to was also raped.

That night the 13th son of Jacob was fathered who was never acknowledged by Jacob as his son. But it seems to be no secret that Jacob had in fact 13 sons, one which was never acknowledged as an Israelite.

But in Jacobs defence I also saw that he was a zombie. Leah feeding him mandrax a lovedrug, as well as a lovespell from a previous life by the woman he raped, and somebody using black magic , turned him into a zombie, and hence those who did this to him will have to answer to God.

Love spells are black magic, and equal RAPE, even if the victim enjoyed it, because he was not aware of being under a spell. Hence Jacob raping her, was her karma biting her in the butt.

I just remember another situation from the new testament that has been misinterpreted or ‘beautified’ by the church:

Jesus turning water into wine; an excuse many alcoholic use for why drinking alcohol is OK.
I those days wine as we know it was called ‘fermented wine’ and grape-juice was called ‘wine’. So Jesus turned water into grape-juice, not into alcohol.

When I approached a priest about this, he admitted that THEY know this but, and I quote: ‘ If we preach from the pulpit that Jesus did NOT turn water into alcohol our churches will be empty.’
Well, the bible does predict that the priest will practice fraught, and tell the people what they want to hear and not the truth! Here is the prove!

So as you see, that truth is there in the bible; but only if you read it with the help of the Holy Spirit.

This is how it works if you ASK God for clarification when something does not sound kosher that you hear or read. Then God/The Holy Spirit answers and you find the truth.

But most people don’t really want the truth. They just want an confirmation that what they believe to be true is true.

God will NOT confirm lies; but our EGO does it ‘in his name’; or so we think! smile

I also dream that Jesus, his mother Mary and Moses are helping me. It was Mary who helped me finding Elijah because SHE was his mother in this incarnation today, just as she was also the mother of Moses long time ago.

Mary told me ones that she despises those who go around ‘dressed to impress’ and adorned with jewels, to look important, as many priest do, to brainwash people.

Jesus ones told me in my dream that many things he said have been misinterpreted by the church.

I ONLY believe what God tells me, because ‘ask and you shall receive’ works for me. But I ask GOD, Jesus (Michael) or any of the other archangels but no priest or other person and I do not argue my case, since it is Gods case, and he is my witness because ONLY God knows the truths completely and I ONLY worship God, just like Jesus did!

I follow in Jesus footsteps! This is quiet a task. But with his help, nothing is impossible!

The truth will set us free…

Believe it or not!

Love and light and Gods blessing!



  1. This has me teared and hair tingling. Mrs. Simunye darling you are truly one of the 12 archangels. Someone with this kindness of wisdom stays 333 with God. Now do you have any pages on the twelve tribes of Israel and there significance to today’s date? ❤️ Much Eternal Love and May Gods Rays shine bright on you always.

  2. This has me teared and hair tingling. Mrs. Simunye darling you are truly one of the 12 archangels. Someone with this kindness of wisdom stays 333 with God. Now do you have any pages on the twelve tribes of Israel and there significance to today’s date? ❤️ Much Eternal Love and May Gods Rays shine bright on you always.

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