​23.9.2017 Mystery

Many people are again looking for signs of the coming of the Messiah.

Some wait for the return of Jesus, others for Elijah, the second Messiah, who will be returning befor Jesus ‘to restore all things’!

The 23.7.17 promisses us the same constallation of ‘the woman and the lion’ as was in the heavens 2000  years ago, to anounce the coming if the Messiah.

Many believe that this is the prediction about the sign that will be seen in the sky when the time is near.

According to my dreams, Elijah( who was also Osiris)  is the second Messiah who will lead the ‘choosen ones’ together with his wife (Isis, because man and woman are one and equal) into the golden age also know as the kingdom of God.

This date could very well be ‘the wedding of the lamb and his bride the new Jerusalem’ (Isis& Osiris).

Since they are both soulaspects of archangel Raphael, and all female archangels are ‘virgins’ who concived their children, the engels ( mankind), without sex, the sign of the virgin does not refer to a physical birth!

Both of them will recieve their full powers and all their gift back when they together again.

Jesus and his wife (his Twinselve) will take over the golden age from his grandparents (Isis & Osiris) in 2040, wenn he is old enough to rule!

Believe it or not!


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