How to find the truth in the bible?


The key to the new Jerusalem, the temple of God that can’t be broken down, because she does Gods will!





My blog is based on my dreams, visions and experiences as well as dreams and visions of other people I know of all ages, sex and races.

Last time I counted in 2002, I had over 4000 dreams written down and over 500 had already come true, hence I take my dreams seriously.

Some dreams can be prevented, others cannot!

Some dreams are past-life-experiences and other are ‘astral-experiences’ I recall when I wake up, because whilst our body rests, our spirit leaves and works in the astralworld.

Many of my dreams are confirmed by the bible, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton and other great prophets.


Nostradamus: THE ROSE (the New Jerusalem/the bride) upon the world scene to speak the truth…. They (the prophets Elijah, Moses and Joshua) will have closed mouth… But then at the time of need, the AWAITED ONE (Elijah/the lamb/the groom) will come late…


A friend of mine ones said, that ‘there is none so blind as the one who does not want to see’, and he said , ‘that he did not want to see’ .

This applied to both side of his life, physically as well as spiritually!

This seems to be the case for the majority of people, for what we don’t know, does not bother us. Call it convenience or laziness.


Welcome to my ‘spiritual truth’ website. Off course your truth may differ from mine, but if you are open to compromises and the possibility that what we believed in the past was not the truth, then you might read on … THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE… ….the master JESUS said,

and when he said: “Ask and you shall receive”, he meant we must ask GOD. This is what I’m doing for the last couple of years and it works for me. I am having this conversation with God every day: “Father why this?”, and “Father why that?” Sometimes I get the answer direct, sometimes later; but I get answers. I know that nobody has all the answers, but if we put your answers and mine together like a puzzle, we might just one day have the whole truth; or almost! When I hear something, I have 3 ways to deal with it; I know in my spirit it not correct… I know in my spirit it is correct… or ‘I shelf it’ if I am not sure and wait for another opportunity to find the solution.

You will find me often speaking metaphorically, like Jesus did, but those of you who are awake will understand! This applies especially to the beginning of page: famous incarnations of the archangels

I know there is a time, a place and a reason for everything, and this might just not be the time to have the right answer.

I WILL NOT accept something just because I am threatened ‘to go to hell’, if I don’t believe what I’m told.

Naturally in duo process I too had to admit that what I was brainwashed to believe was wrong.

Sometimes we were mislead deliberately; sometimes just duo to translation difficulties.

Either way; the truth is available to anyone who is generously looking for it.

But if you don’t want the truth, but just an confirmation that what you believe is true, then don’t bother reading any further, because: TRUTH IS STRANGER THEN FICTION.

I am looking forward to communicating my truth to you.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I passed the stage where I can be brainwashed…

The truth does not belong to any individual or religion, but to all mankind.

Love and light and Gods blessing on you… God loves you; and so do I!


I hope I qualify for this one… smile

PLEASE NOTE, I’m not having a go at all religions, but at all liars, regardless what they call themself!



  1. Hello and welcome to my blog. Please say hello and do not hesitate to ask questions. If I know the answer, I will gladly answer! 🙂

  2. Hello
    I dreamed a few weeks ago that the number 4/Uriel/Joshua, 5/Gabriel/Moses and 6/Rafael/Elijah are sticking their heads together and they are looking very busy.
    All my dreams are pointing to Elijah’s spiritual rebirth been the 21.12.12, and his book coming out about the middle of this year. Now lets watch and see if those dreams of mine are also coming truth again.
    praise the Lord! 🙂

  3. I knew already for a while that Nostradamus was an incarnation of archangel Michael, but recently it was confirmed to me in a dream! Most of this end-time prophecies are however ONLY for the ELITE to interpret, and Elijah/Osiris was born in France. He will crack Nostradamus prophecies and being Jews, he and Moses will crack the Bible Code, the book of Daniel!!
    Believe it or not… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi 🙂 I just wanted to say I have only spent an hour on your site and I am deeply moved and grateful. I would like to keep contact with you and ask you to assist me in my journey. Hugs n luvs
      Waiting on your reply

      • Hi dear…be my guest und I’m glad if I can be of assistance! God bless you

  4. Please note:
    … comments that have swearing or racists remark in, be it on account of race, sexuel orientation, gender, age or religion, I WILL NOT read nor allow in my post!

  5. Do you still keep up with your blogging? I respect others in a way that of speaking to me doesn’t vibe with you, or doesn’t fulfill you as it would me then so be it (: I was only curious if you’re interested in assisting me answer some unanswered questions of my own. I respect you and your information, it goes very much with what I know; only difference is our designation of names to the Angels differ and I found that fascinating. Maybe my conclusions are wrong, so I’m holding onto what I’ve been sent and what I know about these entities for now w.o interpreting who I think they are (name-wise) since I never asked.

    Anyway. Back to the point, if you’re still around… I’d very much like to have a word. I don’t reach out much, but I felt I should so here we are!


    • Hi Ruby…yes, I will be still around, much more so in the future, as I get more revelations. At this moment I can not share everything revealed to me to everybody, because it is not my job to reveal it all but the Propfet Elias, who’s returned.
      To find the right names of the archangels was ‘my job’, this may be why you have not found them.
      Hold on to what you know, since it does not matter how much we know and what we believe, but IT ONLY MATTERS HOW MUCH WE LOVE.
      Ask and you shall recieve, it works. If you ask, the answers will be given to you @ at the right time, This may not be the same time you want them, but the time you need them. I started asking in 1994 and ever since get get answers, but not all at ones!
      At this moment I still have time to assist privatly, but I expect this to change after the 21.6.16 since I have then more important things to do! Time will tell!
      God bless you dear…😘

    • Hello Jay…sorry but the email you send me is invalid. I’m also to busy at this moment to enter into private conversations. Sorry…feel free to share whatever you can here on my blog…God bless you…😘

      God will forgive you, but you also need to forgive yourself dear. That ist atmost importand!
      GOD LOVES YOU…😘😁

  6. Hello just wanted to say I love all your information. Really speaks to me. I’m going thru a lot interesting things in my life right now and don’t know what to make of it. I’m seeing auras grid patterns, feels like energy moving thru my body and have this feeling I need to be completing something. I hear ringing sometimes very loud. I also have this feeling of knowing what’s going to be happening soon. I have been told I bring people a sense of calmness and my one friend have this strange connection like I’ve known her forever. I held her hand the one day and she said she felt energy coming from me. Anyone have any ideas what this could be. Someone said I could be an angelic from what I described to them. Any help or advice would be great thank you

    • Hello Joshua
      What is happening to you is happening all over the world. People are waking up from their spirituel amnesia and start remembering who they really are: angels inkarnated!
      many discover their godgiven talents and their soulplans.
      The feeling of knowing somebody may originate from a past-life-connection.
      Energy flowing from your hands indicate that you are a healer.
      Trust your feelings and may God bless you and show you the way ahead. 😘😁

    • Every human being is an angel inkarneted, we just forgot about it. I call this spirituel amnesia! But plenty people are waking up now and start remembring who they are. Some do it bit by bit, others overnight. God bless you.😘😉

  7. Sorry, I have no time to contact everybody here besides that you did not leave your e- mail, but if you contact me, I will answer as soon as I get the chance😉

  8. HI Simunye, I like your site a a lot 🙂 just stumble upon your site while I was searching for answers. I recently found out that I’m the new incarnation from Michael. You seem to know a lot about it, is it possible we could contact eachother?
    I now for 100% that I was Jeanne D’arc and one of the founding Quakerwomen. After that dream i searched their story, and they also were guided by a voice… Michael’s voice. I have been hearing his voice since I was a child. Only know I am ready to understand.
    kind regards wendy

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