Elijah’s-Osiris rebirth on the 21.12.2012



Much has been speculated about the

and as we all know, it came and went without ‘the end of the world’.

I always knew it was not the end of the world but that this was just a wrong interpretation of the Mayan prediction; which was then blown out of proportion for financial gain by the ‘money-makers’. It seems there is much money to be made out of the fear or the fun-seeking of mankind, be it by making movies, writing books or the likes.

I have a dream concerning the 2020 and hence I know that we will be still around after that. I saw a man sitting by the desk looking at what seems to be a computer. He is telling me that my name is ‘in there’ in the year I am 70; which is 2020.

I was sure it was the bible-code this man was talking about and hence I believe that all the names of the survivors of the apocalypse are in the bible code.

The 21.12.2012 was the date of the prophet Elijahs spiritual rebirth. Elijah was also Osiris!

All prophecies I found elsewhere point to him being a ‘walk-in’ (a soul-exchange) since that day!

(please note I do not own this video. Owner is not known to me)

I’m not sure what he did to become spiritually reborn, but possibly he started writing a book I dream will be his way of ‘witnessing’. I also dream that Moses, the second witness will also write a book, but a bit later.


Most people are familiar with the 10 commandments, or guidelines; as some call them conveniently.

There is in fact ONLY ONE LAW: LOVE

We don’t have to know a lot, just to love a lot, to please GOD!

But for those who need a more precise breakdown what LOVE means, the 10 commandments were a handy guideline.

Many religions have similar short ways of breaking this down into:

As you saw, so you reap!

Love they neighbour as you love yourself.

Don’t do onto others what you don’t want them to do to you.

Thread others as you would them to tread you.

Whatever you do to the least of your fellow-men, you do to ME/God/Jesus.

There is also a list of what is called deathly sins we should avoid:

Greed, Selfishness, Lust, Pride, Ignorance, Gluttony, Hate

Murder, rape etc. are by-products of the above deadly sins!

The Kingdom of God is nearer than we think

When it comes, only those ready to do Gods Will and have their twin-selves back will start the new generation on earth.

Adam and Eve were ‘two in one’ (androgynous) and they were immortal. Then they were separated into two, not to be lonely.

Only after they lusted after ‘flesh’ (sex) did they become mortal. The forbidden fruit is a symbol for adultery, because Adam and Eve both slept with humans who were on earth BEFORE Adam.

Adultery is the roots of all evil, because it starts in the mind:

Wanting somebody else’s wife/wisdom or husband/power is already adultery.

In order to bring about Paradise back to earth, this original sin has to be eliminated completely. This can only be done by starting new and having only perfect couples left on earth to bring up the new generation according to Gods will. Hence the apocalypse cannot be prevented to do away with all things unwanted by God!

Adam and Eve were psychic and could communicate with spirits and with God directly. This state of euphoria has to be recreated, so that no priest will be needed.

Religion and tradition are the greatest culprit in keeping the right male and female apart, because twin-selves are very often from different religions or races. But they can also be from the same sex.

LOVE is NEVER wrong but LUST is

… regardless if in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. Multiple partners and treating each other like animals IS WRONG, even in heterosexual relationships. Treating women like bitches and taking them from behind has nothing to do with LOVE, and animals lick each others privates parts, not sons/daughters of God.

Women are no cars Gentlemen’s

Women are not allowed to be taken for TEST-DRIVES

… and then be discarded if they do not live up to your expectations, according to your friend’s suggestions, your religions requirements or your ‘pornos’.

Love-making is solely for lovers who are committed in marriage; not for FUN. Love-making it is the glue that keeps couples together.

If somebody has the wrong partner they must tread them as if they are the right partner. In duo time the wrong partner will be taken away if somebody deserves the right partner. But wish your partner well, because what you wish him/her will come back to you!

If things don’t work out in a relationship we either have the wrong partner or we do not have GOD in our live.

Marriage is a three-way-relationship: male + female + God.

All mankind is born with an addiction to LOVE. But when they fail to find it, they start replacing this addiction with other addictions, like lust, money, power, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes etc. Some find the right partner but don’t have God in their lives, and hence there is no love. GOD IS LOVE and without him even the right partner cannot fulfil the addiction for love. Our twin-selves is God’s love for us made manifest on earth! But it comes with the price-tag to live by God’s will.

Many are in a wrong relationships for karma.

This life is the last time karma can be worked or suffered of: this is why there is so much suffering on this planet. In the kingdom there will be no suffering, hence no karma!

The law says: as you saw so you reap!

If we get away in one life hurting others and not being punished, we will be punished in another life.

There is NOBODY who can take this away from us and nobody dies for our sins.

This ‘easy salvation’ is an invention of the church to get your best: your money!

People who were RIGHTIOUS are not necessary RIGHT

Like the patriarchs: God created one man and one women; not one man and two or more women. Those men were either mislead into believing they are God’s gift to women and women are their slaves or door-maths, or they were deceivers and liars, looking only after their own interests.

They will have to pay for what they did to those women and sure as God is my witness, they will end up on the receiving end in another life.

Here is how I dreamed it will be in the Kingdom of God:

All men will have their own wife back (they will be like the angels again, as Jesus said)

All children will be born in close vicinity of their twins and they will grow up together and become childhood-sweethearts. Hence they will know LOVE and LUST will never enter their mind! Lust is a cheap imitation for love and will never satisfy us!

Anybody NOT making it into the Kingdom right away will either be taken away by the rupture, if they have their karma balanced, or they will die balancing their karma.

All those that have to die, will be born again (if they wish so) as innocent children by perfect couples, into a perfect world. They will be loved and live a life without pain and suffering. There will be NO more religions or traditions!

I also dream of the ‘kingdom of God’ thereafter and what it looks like. I see wild animals running in the street NOT hurting us. I see us starting anew with bare essentials living in houses build from wood. I see jewels, make-up and all other ‘embellishments for our body’s’ being thrown into a dustbin by an invisible hand. I see us being dressed decently again! Looking ‘sexy’ is an invention of Azazel, the tempter and will not be allowed any more.



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  1. Simunye

    October 5, 2013 at 6:07 am
    I just created this address now for anybody wanting to contact me privately re my blog.
    Please note everybody: I welcome questions but I do not read or answer insulting mail. 🙂

  2. Kahlil

    July 9, 2015 at 3:17 am

    A fascinating read.


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