Adultery, the original sin

Screenshot_2016-05-14-07-59-40-1-picsayAdultery, the original sinThe original sin is adultery and did NOT start with Adam and Ewa, but with the ‘fallen angels’ or ‘lost sons’ of God, because it started in the mind. Adam and Ewa were just there to start anew and set an excample to follow by their offsprings, not to sleep with others, but with each other. But they committed adultery und had offsprings with others, which then started fighting and killing each other!
Angel have no gender! They are androginous, power/male and wisdom/female in one, bound by love.
Wanting more power or more wisdom, or as much power or wisdom as somebody-else has, or even as God has, is adultury! That is were the ‘fall’ of the angels started. On earth we have free will to chose our partner! But we lost in duo process our own power/husband or wisdom/wife, because we chose mostly with our eyes, mind or according to the wishes of our patents or religions, not with our soul. Few people ask God to give them their own power/husband or wisdom/wife, and hence most of us end up with the wrong partners. Hence so many unhappy marriges und so many divorces.
We are also so focused an having fun before settling down, and taking the opposide gender for a ‘testdrive’ has become ‘in or cool’ and rather the norm then the exception, because we think if so many do it, then is t is ok!
Well, it is not ok in Gods eyes, regardsless if society/Hollywood/the new Babylon tells us it is!
Just like at the time of the fall of Babbylon, we will have to face the concequences for our action soon because ‘the new Babylon’ will fall ones again to give those who truly look for love and not for lust a chance to find love and peace.
In the ‘golden age’ or ‘kingdom of God’ coming soon, only perfect couple will survive to start the new generation. All others will be leaving this planet one way or the other and will be born into a perfect world, concived, born and rised by loving parents and will grow up with their ‘other half/twinself’ nearby and hence they will find each other early in life and never have to go looking for ‘spareparts’ again.
This is what Jesus ment when he said ‘in the age to come (aquarian age), men will not marry or be married any more, because they will be like the angels again’, meaning, each man/power will get his own wife/wisdom back. ONLY then will there be true happiness and peace!
They kingdom come, they will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!


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