Beware! Lovespells are Black magic!


When I read in a magazin or newspaper ads which promise to bring your love back or deliver a lover to people, my hair stands steight up. and if those people claim to be white witches or spirituell und send from God, I have to behave myself not to give them a piece of my mind!
I rather use my energy to educate people that lovespells are NEVER white magic but black magic und such people do not work for God but for Money or fame/power!
Every person has a counterpart- soulaspect which is his/her twin. They are ONE SOUL IN TWO BODIES!
But not everybodie’s twin is at the same time on earth as we are. Sometimes they are same sex, or parents, siblings or in positions which may divide twins, like religion or races!
To find your twin you have to ask God or the archangels for him/her, because only God and the archangels know who belongs together.
We CANNOT put a lovespell on our twin only on others, and they have ultimatly their own twins. By claiming them unlawfully for us, we deniey them true love.
What God has joined, men cannot divide! when God marries two people, he binds them with love, not with a marriage-certificate or wedding rings, and this love will never die, regardsless if they stay together or not!
If we cannot get a person to love us without spell, but we succeed getting this person by putting spells on them, we intervere with this persons free will, and this is rape, even if the person enjoys it because they not aware being under a spell and turned into a zombie!
Beware, because this will come back to you and to the witch who did it for yoy, if not in this, then in another life.
The spell will still be on the other person until it is removed, and if in the next life you run into that person again but you not interested in him/her this time, don’t be surprised if he rapes you, or she uses spells to do to you what you did to her before.
As you saw, so you reap!
Believe it or not!


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