Bible code on Elijah


 Since I’m neither Jewish, nor do I know how to crack the bible-code, I have to relay on outsides to supply the material I than interpret.

I found a Rabbi on YouTube. His name is Matityahu Glazerson and he is worth while checking out.

He found predictions for the Messiah, Elijah, Israel, repentance, redemption for 2012 and the month of Capricorn in the bible code.

I personal believe that the Bible _code is the book of Daniel that is sealed till the end-times, and that the 21.12.12 is the spiritual rebirth of Elijah and may mark the beginning of the 7 years tribulation.

I also see in my dreams that Moses has the program to crack the Bible Code and Elijah has the key to crack the seals of the Bible Code. They are both Jews and it is their job to find the truth and then witness/share what they found!

Elijah also speaks French to interpret Nostradamus properly.



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