Does GOD demand Sacrifices or punish?


Now  to another subject of interest to many. Does God really require us to sacrifice anything to answer our prayers: like animals, fruit, foreskins and the likes?


No, he does not! It is said that ‘God created men in his image’. This should read ‘men created God in their image’! God cannot be bribed! But because men can be bribed, they try to bribe God to.  God is no Dracula and his law says ‘thou shall not kill’! God does not say we must not kill humans, but that we must not kill-permanent! God does not tell us not to kill and then requests us to kill animals to sacrifice to him let alone humans. God DID NOT tell Abraham to kill Isaac either, but when he saw that Abraham was ‘MISLEAD into believing he told him to do so’, he send an angel to save Isaac. The only animal that God wants us to sacrifice to him is ‘OUR EGO’!

Did God tell Abraham to circumcise himself and all Israelis? No! If God wanted MEN to have no foreskins he would have created MEN this way. Cutting off their foreskins is like saying: ‘Father, you made a mistake when you created MEN!’

Did God tell us to be baptised? No! Baptism is just a symbol for washing ourselves clean from sin and will only really have meaning if we stop sinning or at least try to.

However, having a bath in salt-water does indeed clean negative energy out of our bodies. I have experienced often people complaining about feeling heavy or their legs feeling like led. This is caused by picking up negativity. This can be removed with salt-water or by using our positive energy to remove negative energy.  ‘Where there is light, there can be no darkness’! I do this, by imagine that my hands are magnets, and with those magnets I draw out the negativity/led or nails/pain of my or other peoples body. I may admit that I’m more successful doing it by others. The healing power of God is LOVE and as long as we love, we can heal. Unfortunately I seem to have more problems loving myself then others.

GOD does not punish either because he is a loving God, not this angry, revengefull, sexist and rascist one depictured in the bible!

All Gods who are not loving and forgiving, are IMPOSTERS!

His law says: as you saw so your reap.

Out wrong action follows the reaction required to teach us that we have to suffer the consequences for our wrongdoing, if not in the same life, then in another.

As easy as that!






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