Creation versus evolution


The old age discussion if mankind were created or evolved, will one day soon be resolved ones and for all. Till then it will stay most guesswork.

I personally get the message that mankind did evolve, but Adam ‘arrived’ on earth and he was androgynous and he separated into two in meditation. I’m not sure if he materialized or came in an unidentified flying object.

According to the Bible-Code, which I know to be the ‘book with the seven seals’, he crashed with his ‘capsule’ on earth, which sounds like an UFO.

The creation story could be symbolic, meaning that the ‘evolving man’ who crawled out from the dust, was crossed with a ‘spiritual being’! This story may be invented because mankind was not evolved enough back then to understand what really happened.

It is clear that we existed before on a higher plane and possibly on other planets to. So the ancient alien believers may be right and Adam was an alien coming from another planet. God did not create the whole universe just for US so that we can mess it all up, that is for sure!

We all know by now that this planet is much older then 7000 years, so the bible cannot be correct with its creation story.

According to my messages and the book of Enoch, Satan was the first great angel on earth before Adam. He was either an alien or he possibly evolved, and then God send Adam, the second great angel to earth. Satan seduced Eve into adultery. This is where the fall comes in; the forbidden fruit, the apple in neighbours garden…take your pick.

From then on mankind evolved faster duo to the cross-breading with the genes of Adam & Eve, whilst those two came down to a lower vibration. Only after Adam and Eve ‘lusted after the flesh’ and committed adultery, did they become mortal.

Enoch predicted his own return as none other then Jesus and he predicted that ‘nobody will mislead more of Gods sheep then the last 12 Sheppard’s, the apostles, and they will be punished in the end-times’.

So we may say that the book of Enoch was written by Jesus in a previous incarnation; hence I take it seriously. He already then told us that we have to take what the bible says with a pinch of salt, because ‘the apostles did not do what he told them to do, but their own things’ and Jesus believed in scriptures, not in the bible.

Enoch also predicted all the great men born after him and he called them great white bulls. He predicted the last great white bull born will be Elijah again, and that he will turn into a lamb and all mankind will follow him.

So he tells us that Elijah is the lamb, not Jesus, as the churches want us to believe.

I dream that Elijah is the lamb and the ‘New Jerusalem’ is his twin-self, which he will marry soon and this will be the famous ‘wedding of the lamb’.

She is the temple of God that can’t be broken down (she does Gods will) and she is also ‘the queen from the south, who will be greater then Salomon’ predicted for the end-times. She is also ‘the woman that crashes the head of the snake’ and she is ‘the women giving (spiritual) birth to the son of God’; which is Elijah.

It is/was her job to ‘wake him up’ spiritually and reminds him why he is here. He is in LA and the Satanists are aware since 1999 who is Elijah and they did and still do their utmost best to bring him to fall or kill him! But he is well protected!



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