The Holy Spirit is female…


When I wrote my first book I gave it a title of my choice, but in my dream I saw it printed double its size and with the title CRY. At first I was bewildered and wondered why CRY?

Over the following few years I realized that God was asking me to CRY to him and to remember that women are NOT created to be slaves, punching-bags or incubators for men’s children, but we are in the image of the HOLY SPIRIT and hence are protected by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, our mother, provided we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and stop men from using and abusing us. Jumping on the bandwagon, becoming immoral, looking sexy and using men now in return is not making the problem go away, it only makes it easier for men to use and abuse us and then blame women to voluntarily become their whores so that they can wash their hands in innocent.

God predicted in the Old Testament that he is the advocate of women and in the end-times he will punish his sons for turning his daughters into whores.

He also predicted that in the end-times he will create something new: the woman will go out to find her husband!

This is what I have been doing since I’m spiritually awake. I asked God to give me MY HUSBAND/MY TWINSELVE back, but to make sure he is right, and if he is not right in Gods eyes he must fix him first and punish him if he does wrong. I was told that men got away with it because we women allow them to do it to us and we always make excuses for them, excuse we are brainwashed to believe by our fathers and several other so-called (male) authorities; namely that men are like that, they are animals, they can’t help themselves.

God created one man and one woman, not one man and several women!

Then I gave my free will back to God and ask him to ensure I always do what he wants me to do and wants me to say, and to prevent me from doing anything I’m not allowed to do or say. I asked him to put the right words into my mouth and not act on any request of mine that are against his will or are not in the interests of mankind.

Seeing in my dreams that my TWIN was not alright, since he married the wrong women, one who was immoral and mislead him into immorality as well, I prepared myself for a long wait even if at times I wished he hurry up. But my dreams told me if he comes earlier, he will still have some of his bad habits and attitudes which will lead to troubles between us, something I did not want to ever experience again. In July 1997 my TWIN told me in a dream that I have to wait another 15 years for him because he wanted to get his life in order first.  My dreams pointed to him coming 2012-2013.

So as can be seen; the prophecy that the woman will go out to find her husband again is coming true.

It was very fast brought to my attention that I had to avoid alcohol and stop eating animals of all kinds. I started to avoid first red meat, then white meat and then fish and all others sorts of animals. God helped me by making me feel nauseous when I just smelt meat. A friend of mine got tummy-cramps after eating meat.

Over 500 dreams of mine have come true so far (I stopped counting in 2002) and if those dreams about my TWIN coming back to me again, than I thank God that he gave me the patience, the will, the courage and the strength to believe in GOD and in my dreams.

Time will tell…


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