Dangers of Halloween

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This is not to argue weather Halloween is pagan or Christian, but to warn of the dangers of Halloween.

There is sure no harm in kids dressing up and going from door to door looking for threads. But there are hidden dangers especially involving party-games, like ‘quija’ board and the likes.

Let me explain why!

Satanist conciser this day to be ones of their holiest day, if not ‘the holiest day’.

That day they do not only celebrate with all sorts of evil practises, but this day they also send out their followers to recruit new members.

Men are recruited by witches, woman by warlocks, and children by their satanic friends. Those friends do not have a sign on their forehead announcing that they are Satanists.

They arrange parties, invite your kids, entertain them with some ‘magic’ (black magic) and play dangerous games.

The most famous one is the quija board, which is anything BUT a game.

The movie ‘Exorcist ‘ may be exaggerated, but it is nevertheless real.

The quija board is the lowest and easiest way to communicate with the spirit world. But it is also the most dangerous one, since spirit of low vibrations can manipulate it easily.

The kids think this is harmless fun. But before they know it, the fun will turn into horror.

The quija boards also opens up a vortex were it is used and after that the hauntings start.

See what Anton La Vay has to say about Halloween!


Would you really like your kid to fall in this guys hands?

Another danger of Halloween is, that this day criminals can easy do some of their crimes because they can hide undetected behind masks on that da. Not even ‘big brother who is watching’ via cameras can recognise them.

So those who do it for fun create a possibility for those guys to work in secret for one night!

Demon possession and hauntings are real. Yet the so-called experts deny it. They deny it, because they do not want to admit that there is something that they cannot explain or prove.

But there is plenty prove out there if we only open our eyes.

Jesus said, that we do not fight against evil of human flesh, but evil spirits.

Demons existence cannot not be proven, because they are cowards and hide!

God, Angels & Love cannot be ‘seen’ either!

But that does not mean they don’t exist!

Satanists beware; God is not sleeping!


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