Enoch on Archangel Raphael/Osiris/Elijah


(in Hebrew Hanok, Henoch in German)

Translated from Afrikaans into English by myself…

The book of Enoch found at the death sea dated about 100 BC. It was in the Bible until about 1000 years ago. Jesus accepted the book of Enoch as part of the scriptures. Enoch predicted that his book and his fathers Jared’s book will be found again and read again in the end times. Jude refers to the book of Enoch.

Enoch and Elijah where the first men who ascended to heaven, but the Christians seem to forget about that.

5/8…Wisdom will be given to the ‘chosen ones’, and they shall live and shall not sin any more.

6/6…there were 200 ‘fallen angels’ before the flood, ‘Sataniel’, ‘Azazel’ and there was also a ‘Rafael; amongst them.

7/1-5…Azazel told men how to make weapons, how to put on ‘make-up’ and how to do ‘black magic’. They mated also with animals. Azazel told men how to make jewels and they were whoring around. Men and animals started lusting after flesh and eat each other.

10/4-7…and God told archangel Rafael to come down ‘in the end times’ and bind ‘Azazel the tempter’ and lock him up. Rafael must also heal the earth and mankind and tell them of the healing of earth and that they can heal ‘themselves from all plagues’ (Hebrew 2/10…he’ll make perfect through suffering the leader of their salvation).

10/8…the whole earth was immoral and corrupt through the things Azazelleaned mankind (not Satan).

10/11-22…and God told Michael to send those immoral men and women for 70 Generations  ‘into the valleys of earth’ till judgement day (after 7000 years; now).

15/4-6…the ‘sons of God’ (archangels) were holy, but they slept with the daughters of men and therefore God made them human as well, because ‘they’, like men, lusted after the flesh. Before that, they (Adam and Eve, archangel Emmanuel) were immortal.

19/1-2…Uriel told Enoch that the woman of the ‘fallen’ angels also became tempters.

22/6B-12…Rafael told him that Abel’s soul is in the place for those that are for ever accusing their killer; not in the place for the righteous.

39/1…in those days (now) the ‘chosen son’s’ (archangels and their wife’s) come down and they shall mix with men and be born by them.

42/2…and ‘Wisdom’ wanted to stay amongst men but could not find a place; so SHE went back to her place amongst the angels.

47/1…in those days (now) the prayers of the righteous will be answered.

52/5…there will be a place for Azazel who helped Satan to tempt mankind.

55/4 …judgement over Azazel ((banished on the 25.5.2001 for 1000 years) and his helpers by ‘the chosen one’ (archangel Rafael)!

60/6-7…when the punishment comes Leviathan (female/Church) and Behemoth (male/Government) will be separated.

62/13…the ‘chosen ones’ will be saved.

67/8…they will be punished on their body’s, because they misused and abused their body’s.

77/1…God will come down in the south (South Africa).

80/2…in those days their life shall be short, there will be draught, fruit will not come at his normal time, trees will not bloom at their time and will be withered, stars will change their normal course, weather will change; because men think that ‘they are God’.

86/3…and the ‘stars’ (angels) fell from heaven and mated with ‘cows’ (men) and they bore ‘elephants’ (giants).

89/59…and 12 (Apostles) plus 70 Sheppard’s were appointed to look after God’s sheep, and Enoch (Jesus) told them what to do, and they had to listen to him. But they mislead more sheep then anyone before them and Enoch/Jesus had to write down how many each one of them lead astray. He was not allowed to stop them before the end times. The sheep was blind and so were their Sheppard’s. The misleading of the sheep by the last 12 Sheppard’s (the 12 apostles) was also recorded.

90/21…and God first punished the first ‘7 white stars’ that fell, starting with the first one (Sataniel) and then his helper, and then all the others that followed them with ‘members’ the size of a horse’s. And they were judged together with the 12 and the 70 Sheppard’s.

90/28…and then the ‘new Jerusalem’, the temple of God was placed ‘in the south’  and all the other sheep were in the temple.

90/35…all the sheep’s eyes were opened, and there was another ‘white bull’ born (a holy man/Elijah), and all animals feared him and ask him for his prayers. And the sheep became all white bulls, and the ‘first one of the white bulls’ became a ‘lam’ (Elijah/the second Messiah)). God was pleased with the lam and the white bulls.

End of Enoch’s dream…

From the end of his book…..

91/10…the righteous will stand up from their sleep, and wisdom will be given to them

91/12…in the 8th week (8th millennium) the sinners will be handed over to the righteous and the righteous will judge them. And peace will be and they will prosper.

92/40…and in the 9th week the righteous will be judged and then there will be no more weeks for the godless.

93/10…on the end of the 7th millennium the chosen ones will be called and they will receive 7 fold instructions about the whole world.

98/2…’in those days men will wear more jewels as woman and their clothing will be more colourful then women’s’.

98/15…’and they will write down their lies and tempt others with their godless writings’.

99/12…woe onto those who make ‘false mates’. Woe onto those who built their house ‘with the sweat of others’.

100/1… the sinners destroy each other.

100/4… in those days the angels shall come down and meet in secret and all those who rejected sin will stand up. God will send angels to protect them like the apple of his eye; even if the righteous sleep (spiritual sleep) a long sleep, they do not need to fear. Then the words of this book (book of Enoch) here will be understood by those with wisdom.

104/10…and God knows that sinners take the truth and water it down with their lies and write books about their lies. And then ‘this books’ will be given to the chosen ones with the truth and wisdom and they will be glad (book of Enoch, Bible code).

108/10…and even do they did wrong, they blessed ‘my name’ (Jesus); and those that loved my name I shall save.

The revelation of Enoch….

1…Enoch meets the angels…

3-7…Enoch sees the heavens…

8…the 7 archangel are in the sixth heaven. And the are light, and they glow like the sun. There was no difference in their appearance, their size, their faces, their clothing and they were in charge of the world. They write down everything.

 They are  7 Cherubim’s (male) 7 Seraphim’s (female), who sing and speak together in unity.

9/12…in the 10th heaven was God.

11/1…God told Enoch to sit on his left hand…(some books claim he told him to sit on his right).

11/40…I  (God) told my wisdom to make man out 7 things…

and I placed him (Adam) as the SECOND great angel on earth, after Sataniel, who was the first great angel on earth.

11/46…and I named him Adam…

11/50…I made Eden and placed him there. He could see the angels in heaven (he was psychic). Sataniel knew I wanted to bring about a new earth.

11/55…therefore he worked out a plan to seduce Eve into adultery.

11/61…a day is as 1000 years…

11/78…in those days your book (Enoch’s) and the book of your father Jared will be revealed. The ‘protectors of the earth’ shall show them to people with wisdom who believe and those books will be read, acknowledged and appreciated more than ever.

12/101…children may NOT say: our father is in heaven by God and because of my fathers prayer’s, I will be forgiven.



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