Hitler, black magic and karma


Now to a very sore point that concerns us all, not only the Germans!

Hitler and the holocaust!

It was revealed to me that Hitler was to begin with not evil, very intelligent and had good intentions. But one day he got involved in a magic celebration which went badly wrong.

In due process he got possessed by a demonic ‘thought-creation’ (created by a black witch) looking like a beast. It was then that he started doing things that he should not have done under the influence of that demon.

But most of the things that Hitler is supposed to have done were in fact done by Goering in Hitler’s name and without his knowledge.

It was also revealed to me that plenty of those killed chose this experience BEFORE they were born, to balance their karma, because they did to others in previous life’s what was now done to them.

For example: think about all the gladiator show were houndreds of people watched two people killing each other for fun! Those watching are just as guilty as the person hosting this evend, and the law of karma will catch up with them!

So it can be said that Hitler was the executioner of the punishment of those people who chose to balance their karma in that life.

However, in duo process many innocent people got caught and for this Hitler incarnated right now, has to pay.

It was further revealed to me that the holocaust did indeed happen, but the figures have been blown out of proportions  for propaganda and financial gain by governments involved in the war and some of the Jews!

This goes to show again that nobody gets away with murder, not even if they escape the judges on earth, because we all judge ourself in the end, and then their is the ultimate judge: GOD.

In the golden age of enlightenment that is coming soon, there will be no karma any more, hence the suffering on earth is so great.

Hitler is born again and he has to balance what ever is left of his karma for the innocent he killed NOW!

Believe it or not!



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