How to dismantle thoughtforms and fear


Today I would like to explain another form of ghost, a ghost that is intrusive and scary, but not gone when asked to do so.

It is a THOUGHTFORM which materialized.

This is NOT something you imagine, but something you have created yourself or another householder, sometimes even previous house residents.

Satanists often leave such kind of spirits back in a building, or even negative spirits!

Thoughts are actions in the spiritual world and materialize, whether one knows and believes it or not.
Fear is, for example, a negative energy that materializes if not combated.
It feeds on fear and takes the form of what one fears.
This has no soul, and therefore does not respond when you send it away.
Since it was created with a negative emotion, it can be dismantled only with a positive emotion, namely, love.

There are mediums where who can dismantle this thoughtform.

This does not make much sense, however, if the person who has created (not imagined) this, does not get his fear under control.

This fear usually comes from a fearful experience in the youth period, but can also be from an horrible experience that one has been experienced as an adult, such as a rape.

It has nothing to do with the so-called Spiegel-Prinziep, of which I sometimes read here!
Because, if one is afraid that one is raped (because it happened before), then one does not recognize oneself again in what one does not like of the criminal !!!!!

To this end, I am sharing a simple exercise to dismantle fear which helped my people to whom I gave them. But it has to be done regularly!

Ignore the fear first. Breathe deeply and quietly in and out.
Imagine you stand on a stage and the light and love of God shines on you like a spotlight.
Tell yourself again and again:
“God loves me”
… until the fear disappears.
This may take some time, but it should get better.
You take away from this thoughtform the energy from which it feeds itself and it should then dismantle, just as it was created.
Because where light is, darkness must give way.
Try it, you (who feels addressed) have nothing to lose.

Please note: this exercise does not mean that you should not take medical assistance to treath the cause of the anxiety!


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