In order to become immortal again, we have to reverse the damage created by original sin, which was adultery.
Adam was androgynous and separated in meditation into two to have company, like humans did. They were not allowed to cross-bread with humans or anybody else (other Gods) but their twin-self’s.

The apple is a  metaphor for adultery, ‘the apple  in neighbours garden’, ‘the grass that seems greener on the other side’. Adam and Eve were immortal and vegetarians until they started lusting after flesh ie sex with human, using others for fun, and eating flesh/animals. Once they slept with humans they had illegitimate offspring’s, and their offspring started killing  each other. Adultery equals stealing!

Naturally if we do something we not supposed to do we start lying to cover it up. When  ‘breeding like rabbits’ became men’s favourite pastime, they started worshipping other gods, sex, money ect, ect, ect…

Any  God who wants sacrifices of blood is NOT GOD. Any God allowing us to have multiple sexual encounters is NOT GOD but a fallen angel pretending to be God, because God created ONE man and ONE woman.

1)We have to start controlling our animal-desire we inherited from humans and stop using each other for fun.

2)We have to become vegetarians again and stop the killing-permanent!

3)We have to start listening to our own conscious, the voice of God again instead of what others say; including religions!

4)We must stop using alcohol, drugs and ‘sex for fun’ to defile our body’s.

5)We must tread all life, animals and plants as well, with love and respect

When we do the above we will start to get answers from ‘within’. We start remembering who we are, what we are and what we are here for. We start dreaming of our other halve. Our TwinSelf is ‘the Love Of God for US made manifest on earth’, and when we both ready to do Gods will and don’t desire anybody else BUT our own twin, we will be reunited.

As we get answers and do Gods will, our aura starts growing and glowing and people who are psychic can see it and will tell us that they can see our aura (hence the halos around the heads of holy people). As we become even more enlightened, they will start seeing our spirit to, and sometimes our body will disappear for their eyes. We also start ‘seeing’ the halos of others and eventually their bodies will disappear for our eyes.

WOLLA; immortality is here! We will realize that we knew the truth all along as well as alchemy and all other mystic secrets we forgot when we became mortal and developed ‘spiritual amnesia’. We will know that if we ever go back to our bad habits, we will lose our twin-selfs again and hence we will NOT start that none-sense ever again!

I KNOW this to be true since it is happening to me already since 1994 when I became reborn.It was then that I started dreamed about my twinself, hearing God speak to me and having people, young and old and of all nationalities, coming up to me and telling me ‘how much light I have’.


For those who do not want to listen they have to go through the apocalypse and die. But they will then get a chance and be born again into a perfect world, by perfect couples, out of love and not lust, and their ‘twinself’ will grow up in their neighbourhood, hence they will never feel lust again, since they already found love.



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