Instantaneous combustion explained


Much is written about instantaneous combustion on-line and so far there is no explanation that can be proven scientifically on how and why it occurs.

Instant combustion cannot be proven by science, because it is caused by negative energy and is used by Satanists and witches/warlock to kill without proof.

I did find one web-side that seems to agree with me on this and it is a spiritual web-side.

This can either be done consciously or sub-consciously by a person with a powerful negative mind, or several persons joining their negative energy and concentrating on the object of their hate to kill that person.

I am a spiritual healer, and one of my strength is taking of spells and protecting others from spells. But I can only help if I do not interfere in ‘free will’ or ‘karma’.

Hence I am not well liked by those who do such things and they are trying to stop me from interfering with their evil plans by trying to kill me with black magic.

I also used to be a witch-hunter a few thousand years ago; hence some of those witches may also try to pay me back for burning them back then.

I see the fireballs they send to me in my dreams coming towards me, but I am well protected.

I also see in my dreams how some Satanists try setting the prophet Elijah alight with black magic and I protect him sending this ‘fireballs’ back to the senders.

Sometimes Michael/Jesus or his parents help me protecting him.

Believe it or not!



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