Watch who you share your intimate energies with. Intimacy of this degree connects your aura energy with the aura energy of the other person. These strong connections, no matter how unimportant you hold them, leave behind spiritual foreign bodies. Especially in people who do not practice some form of cleansing, physically, emotionally, or whatever. The more you are intimate with someone, the deeper your connection is and the more your auras are intertwined.
Imagine the confused aura of a person who sleeps with several people and carries these different energies around with him. What many do not know is that others can feel these energies. This can ward off positive energies and draw negative energies into your life.
I always say never sleep with someone you do not want to be.

~ Lisa Chase Patterson ~
In addition, it must be said that every intimacy which does not happen for love produces “bonds”. Everything that comes from true love produces “connections,” which need not be solved or transformed.
“Bonds”, however, are essentially based on fear, these are blocking, destructive, and sickening!
— D. Meyn —
Wow, a topic that is currently under debate, because these connections that we deal with twisted partners affect (or even hinder) us to get the right partner.

But it is not just the wrong connections in this life, but also those in previous lifes still affecting us, though often subconsciously!
Since we have often sworn “eternal love” or fidelity to the wrong partners in our previous lives, which is a long time when we are connected with the person who has been wrong, and it can prevent us from reaching the right partner  disrupts our relationship when we have it.

God said: I am the advocate of women. In the end time I will punish my sons for turning my daughters whores. (In the Old Testament)

I had asked God in 2006 why he allowed the men ‘polygamy’.
Answer: I did not! It was you women themselves!
On the occasion he made me aware of it: as below, so above!

In fact, we women let us talk for about thousands of years that we are second class people and the men are better, that and God even gave them (according to the Bible) more wifes to get many sons or not to waste their semen etc Eye (or both), just to keep us from losing our men complely. We also rather blamed the other women for the infidelity of our men.

The gods, pharaohs, patriarchs, emperors, kings, priests, fathers, etc., have made us believe that God allows them to have many women or concubines: see Abraham, Jacob, Solomon, etc., and today, intimacy has become a sport and we brag about the experience we gained.

Adultery (the apple in neighbours garden) is the root of all evil, and began long before Adam and Eve  as in Atlantis and was continuit later by the gods, Zeus (Michael), Jupiter (Rafael), Ra (Gabriel) ect…many which were incarnations of soulaspekt of the archangels.

In the golden age, every man gets his own wife back, because only so ceases adultery.
There will be no adulterers, no matter whether husband or wife in the golden age.
But adulteration begins in the head, said Jesus, and we can ONLY betray our twin, because he is the only one in the eyes of the Divine belonging to us.

Therefore, ALL oaths, love charms, and curses that divedes Twins ( twinflames, dualsouls, twinselves), will from on be dissolved, and who does not voluntarily do it themself, there it will be removed by force.




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