Is homosexuallity sin?


LOVE is NEVER sin!


When we really LOVE somebody we don’t LUST for them,

but we are LONGING for them!

The 7 deathly sins are:

pride, lust, greed, glutteny, envy, wrath and laziness

When we ask the question if homosexuallity is sin, we must first ask if a relationship is based on LOVE or LUST or any of the other above mentioned deathly sins.

The same goes for any heterosexual relationship as well.

Loving somebody for their outward beauty is infatuation and based on lust. Love has nothing to do with beauty.

Loving somebody because they are good providers are either based on greed, gluttony, envy or laziness.

Loving somebody because they belong to the same social status or religion is based on pride.

Hence any exclusive gay-relationship based on LOVE and mutual respect is never wrong.

Any gay-relationship based on LUST or any other deathly sin is always wrong.

Any heterosexual-relationship based on LOVE is right.

Any heterosexual-relationshop based on LUST or any other deathly sin is always wrong.

Any multiple relationship and ‘fun-only-relationship’ is ALWAYS wrong and immoral.


Any gay-relationship based on LOVE, where the partners can show affection to each other without turning each other into an animal (sounds tricky, but can be done) is ‘IN; in the eyes of God;

unlike any heterosexual who ‘testdrives’ first as many of the opposite sex as possible, before settling down with the

best model’,

based on appearance and sexual performance. 😉

PS: Let it be known that there are people born gay and lesbian, but NOBODY is born bisexual.

Bisexuals are either gays who don’t like to admit being gay and hence pretend to be interested in the opposite sex, or straight people who are simply immoral and lust after any  sex they can get with multiple partners.

People would be born gay either because of karma,  or because they subconsciously know that their TwinSelf is of the same sex.

All others are either been turned gay by negative life-experiences that makes them hate the opposite sex, or by bad influences, or they have been turned guy with spells/black magic or they are simply immoral and think lust equals love.


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