Isis & Osiris are Walk-ins


I found the following on-line, and I knew immediately when I read the last sentence, that those two souls incarnating and exchanging soul-aspects off them-self around the change of the millennium, are Isis and Osiris (he was also the prophet Elijah), both parts of Archangel Raphael!


Copy of part of her statement:

Starseed, Walk-in and Lightworker Series: Walk-in Challenges By Jelaila Starr written November 1, 2009 A multiracial council convenes and intense discussion ensues. “Our worlds have been at war for so long we can no longer remember the actual event that precipitated it,” states the Pleaidian ambassador. “If we don’t end the fighting soon, our worlds will be destroyed. If only we could to go back in time to a point when there is no memory, a time when our peoples were at peace!” “How can we accomplish that, asks one of the members from Sirius?” “Yes, how do we establish peace between our peoples, asks the Orion ambassador. We’ve tried everything we know, but to no avail!” Clearing his throat, a much respected elder member from Lyra rises, his regal stance belies his age. “There is a way,” he says his deep, melodic voice resonating through the room. “We can petition for entry into the Earth Grand Experiment.” Excitement fills the room as members nod their heads in approval. “We will send five of our best back along the timeline. All five will seed aspects of themselves in the timeline prior to arrival.

ONE WILL EXCHANGE PLACES WITH HIS SOUL ASPECT (OSIRIS) WHILE ANOTHER BRAIDS WITH HERS (ISIS) These two will prepare the way for the remaining three… ONE OF THOSE THREE IS JESUS, (the highest evolved soul-aspect of Archangel Michael), one is Moses (Gabriel) and the last one is Joshua (Uriel).

My comments in brackets…

In my dreams ‘Osiris’ (another soulasoect of him) looks since 2009 like a child again and  keeps growing up. This tells me he woke up in in 2009 and it took him till the 21.12.12 to clean up the mess he made.

I dreamed on the 1.6.2011 that God told me, that he (the person I knew long time ago) is now doing what he is supposed to do, even if at first he refused to. His  soulaspect which was incarnated previously as Osiris, walked in on the 21.12.12. I know now this is because of the soul-exchange/walk-in!

I’m not sure what he did from on the 21.12.12 that is so important for mankind, but maybe he started writing the book I’m dreaming about, which will be his way of revealing/witnessing the truth to mankind! It has been brought to my attention that ‘Osiris had a car-accidend that day, in which he almost died! During this experience his soulexchange toke place! He is awake ever since! Isis became a walk-in on the 17.5.94… after trying to commit suicide!

We will have to wait and see!

Hallelujah :))))))


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