Kingdom of God on earth


Here I share my theory as it will lead to the golden age. I was based on experiences which I made in 1999 with a few children, which only saw my aura, then my soul to it, and ultimately only my soul. My body was so unsichrbar.

But then they saw that the same thing with other good people.

There are many predictions in the bible about the ‘Kingdom of God’ to come after the Apocalypse is over.

The main prediction I guess is in revelation, but many other prophets, like Nostradamus and Mother Shipton also made predictions about the Kingdom of God and what happens after D-day which are confirmed in my dreams.

I now want to add my own predictions regarding this subject as well as some of other people in my life across all races, sexes and ages and share our experiences that revealed to me how certain predictions will come into being.

First let me tell you how it will happen and than I explain later how I come to this conclusion/knowledge and were I found the proof; and some was even in the bible.

I’m past believing! I know now!

It is said that in the kingdom of God we will all be equal, healthy, not age any more, no more widows, no more orphans, no more crime, animal and human will not eat each other anymore and we will not die anymore! We also will not marry anymore, because we will be like the angels AGAIN (so Jesus said).

In the Kingdom of God all people’s ‘third eye’ and ears will be open, as it was in paradise. They will see not only each others aura/light-body/halo but as we become higher evolved, our spirits become visible and our body’s become invisible. This new higher evolved body will have no more need for animals as food, and because animals ‘fell with us’ they will also be ‘uplifted with us’ and will also not eat us anymore! (back to becoming vegetarians, possible even vegans)

Our spirit-body is young and healthy, even if our physical body is not. (no more sickness).

All ‘spiritual ears’ will be open and we will communicate via telepathy and hence it will not be possible for anybody to lie anymore to others or plot crimes, since it will be known by others if somebody ‘plans a crime’.

All spirits are light/white with long blond hair and blue eyes, including the spirits of other races (equality)

Male and females who belong together look like identical twins and will grow up close to each other.  They will be childhood sweethearts and never know lust, since they found love. Lust is a cheap imitation for love and will never satisfy us since we are born with an addiction to love. But if we don’t find love, we replace it with other addictions! (no more mixed marriages because angels are two in one and will get their twins/other halves back)

When our time on earth will be over we ascent to heaven together with our partner (eternal life, no more widows) and since our kids will all have the second sight, they will be able to see us even after we have moved on to higher planes (no more orphans).

That’s it in a nutshell!



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