Black-Magic, Brainwashing and Zombies



The truth is NOT for sale

 Love-spells are BLACK MAGIC

(used by black witches, warlocks and Satanists)

Brainwashing is black magic

(used by religions and governments)

Oh dear, now I will be stepping on many toes, especially of all those religions who use fear (power of mind/spiritual power) to force people to believe everything they say.

Here is an interesting question for you readers:

How-come, if for example there are millions of people believing in Jesus and trust in him, are there are only 144000 reported to be saved?

What happens to all the other millions of Christians? Who decides which are real Christians and amongst those 144000, or which are fake (to whom Jesus will say: I know you not) since they all seem to believe to be ‘the only ones’ that are right?

Most Christians seem to believe that the real Christians are those who know their bible of heart.

I beg to differ! It is ONLY if you read the bible with the help of the Holy Spirit and you really know what is standing there that the bible will help you find the truth. (see bible truth?)

But that does not mean that people who are brainwashed will go to hell if they sincerely believe and follow Jesus.

Those are righteous people, even if they believe wrong things. They simply will have to learn some more lesson and the truth will eventually come to light.

Unfortunately many of those brainwashed people will not recognise the real prophets and the truth if it bites them in the butt.

They will call the real prophets false prophets. How do I know? Because the bible tells us that Elia will be killed, because he is telling the truth and the people don’t like the to hear the truth.



will stand up against one man

telling the truth

which they don’t like to hear,

be sure this man is ELIA.

I guess I also will step on the toes of those so-called ‘white witches’ that offer their service to people to put love spells on ‘lost lovers’ or ‘any lover they desire’ with a promise to return or deliver them to that ‘for-whatever-reason’ desperate person.

Beware: love-spells are BLACK MAGIC and NOT white magic and will come back to you to haunt you; if not in this life, then in another!

If we cannot get a person to love us without a spell, but we get that person after a spell was put on him, than the witch has taken this persons ‘God-given free will’ away and this is against Gods law. It is ‘rape’, even if the person enjoys it because he is not aware of being turned into a ‘zombie’ with spells. The same goes for administering ‘love-portions’ for the above reasons!

Any witch charging lots of money to put a spell on somebody of your choice is selling her/his gift. Gifts are not for sale! What would those people sell if they would not have this gift: and the more famous (and deceiving) a witch is, they more money they ask for their gifts. I know of people who charges up to 2500 dollars for love-spells! Makes me think!

Such person does NOT work for God but for money regardless how angelic that person sounds or looks like!

Please note that a Zombie is a person without soul. This can be done with black magic by a black witch. But we can turn ourself also into zombies by using drugs, alcohol or by simply disregarding our conscience, the voice of God! Plenty zombies out there!

Witches who misuse their spiritual powers to put spells on others are Black-Witches, not White Witches.

Gods law of ‘as you saw so you reap’ or ’cause and affect’ works continually and those witches as well as those asking witches to put spells on others will get back what they deserve; if not in this life then in another.

Women ‘rape’ using black magic and men use physical strength to do it, it is never the less ‘rape’.

Many people who are raped today used to be rapist in a previous life, misusing either physical or spiritual power to force their will onto others. Some people are even raped in their dreams for they same reason.

Just because we do not remember what we did in a previous life does not mean we get away with what we did.

I found ones I knew what happened in my previous life’s, things happening in this life started making finally sense.

I know of good people who were black witches in previous life’s (and they know it to) who have been raped in this life and also dreamed of being raped by demons. This makes sense since if you do black magic, demons are you friends and hence they will be allowed to rape you to.

So for anybody out there complaining ‘why me’, just assume that it could be karma biting you in the butt. Often the person raping you was the one you raped in the past; either way!

Like if you put a love-spell on somebody in one life, this spell will be on him in the next life. But maybe this time you don’t want that person. But the spell has turned him into a zombie and will make that person obsessed with you and he will end up raping you until this spell is removed.

Ask for forgiveness to those you hurt in the past and forgive those that hurt you now, and chances are you will finally be able to put it behind you.

You must also ask in your mind that any spell or curse that you put on anybody in the past must be removed at once and wish that person love and happiness to go on with their life. Thoughts are action on the spirit-plane and will manifest, and what you wish others will come back to you!

The vicious circle has to stop somewhere, but as long as we don’t forgive, we will not be forgiven and ‘eye for an eye’ will still apply.


2 responses to “Black-Magic, Brainwashing and Zombies

  1. Lolee Pops

    November 14, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    I believe i am a zombie already, but I don’t know who i wronged or what I did in previous lives I feel like i am a puppet in this life if i ever had a purpose, it is gone or twisted so far that i will never know it.

    • Simunye

      November 15, 2016 at 8:38 am

      Sorry to hear that! If it is a curse or you are indeet a zombie, I may be able to help you…but not if it is karma or a lesson. Ask and you shall receive! 😘


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