Meditation – prayers – healing


Much is said about meditation and I guess that it is different for every one. One way may work for me well and another for you. I like to keep things simple and hence I like to share easy ways to meditate.

Note that ‘Thoughts are actions on the spirit-plane’.

All thought materialize in the astral words, whether we aware of it or not! Hence it is important that we think only good thoughts.

All loving thoughts we send to someone, something or situation are prayers and will benefit this person, thing or situation.  If the recipient does not accept our prayers they will bounce back to us.

Based on this knowledge, we can meditate whenever and wherever we are. It only takes a moment to send some loving thoughts, so there is no excuse for not doing so.

God created the universe by thought. Everything we create we first think of, and what we think we can create sooner or later!

It is however important before commencing on deeper prayers/meditation to first pray for protection. This can be done by asking God or the angels to do so, or by doing it ourselves and trust that thoughts are actions on the spirit-plane and will materialize.

I usually put my-selves into a ‘bubble of love and light with a one-sided mirror on the outside’. I visualize my-selves like a hamster in a running-wheel and I can see everything, but only good entities can see me in my bubble. All negative thoughts will bounce of that mirror right back to where they come from.

But it is most important when doing spiritual activity to stay away from alcohol and drugs, and if you have to deal with demons, that even eating meat is out of question!

I also put others into ‘bubbles of love and light’ to protect them. But we are only allowed to help others as long as we do not interfere with ‘free will’ or ‘karma’. If however our prayers do not seemed to be answered this may be because the illness or bad luck this person has is karma this person chose ‘before being born’. Interfering with this karma may result in us getting the problem we try to take away from that person. So beware!

I ones dreamed that Elijah told me, he is scared to do what he needs to do for fear of the Satanists (who are aware of who he is now) going after his little son. That is when I came up with that idea of the one-sided mirror on the outside. I called a psychic friend to check up on Elijah’s protection. He told me that he sees Elijah is inside a bubble. I asked him if he was himself inside that bubble with Elijah. He told me: ‘Yes’. I told him to go outside the bubble. He started laughing and when I ask him what was so funny, he told me, and I quote: ‘When I got outside the bubble I saw myself in a mirror. But I’m not the only one seeing myself in that mirror, and the others don’t like what they see’. Now I started laughing and ask him; ‘So those witches finally see how ugly they are? I think I must put some more mirrors ‘up there’. 😉

Be sure, that if we want to be good and do good, there will always be some entity that does not like it and tries to stop us. But if we do ‘our best’, God does the rest!

It does not matter what or how we call God or what we believe; it just matters how much we love! God is energy, God is light, God is Love! So Sending love and light to people, animals, things, and situations can never be wrong!

I personally call God ‘Father’ when I talk to him, just like Jesus did and I talk to him as I would talk to my father! It is not necessary to do any ‘mantras’, pray in Latin, repeat the same prayer over and over again, or dress fancy to impress God and get his attention. We do not need to go to church to talk to God, because God is inside of us, and unless the people in the church bring God with them, he is not there. So pray wherever you want.

Why pray in Latin, unless you know Latin and you know what you are talking about! Mantras are just show, as is wearing fancy clothing to show of, like many priests do. God is not deaf. If he does not listen to you prayer after one prayer, he most likely has something better in store for us: but when the time is right. God will answer our prayer even if we naked; as long as it is not in public!

But there is a time, a place and a reason for everything. No coincidences! Patience may be the lesson to be learned!

The universal laws: ‘Ask and you shall receive’ works and so does ‘what you do onto others will come back to you’ (if not in this life, the in another)!

Did God tell us to be baptised? No! Baptism is just a symbol for washing ourselves clean from sin and will only really have meaning if we stop sinning or at least try to.

However, having a bath in salt-water does indeed clean negative energy out of our bodies. I have experienced often people complaining about ‘feeling heavy’ or ‘their legs feeling like led’. This is caused by picking up negativity. This can be removed with salt-water or with Reiki. Reiki is, using our positive energy to remove negative energy.  ‘Where there is light, there can be no darkness’! I do this, by imagine that my hands are magnets, and with those magnets I draw out the negativity/led or nails/pain of my or other peoples body. I can do this in a few minutes and don’t need long Reiki sessions to do so; just like Jesus did!

We have to pray and ask for forgiveness for anything we have done in the past/past-life that we not aware of now. We have to forgive everybody who wronged us, for it may be our karma to. As we forgive, so we will be forgiven!

Your imagination is the limit to what you can do the send healing to others.  Imagine your hand emitting a beam of light to heal, or a laser-beam, or ultra-red light.

I may admit that I’m more successful doing it by others. The healing power of God is LOVE and as long as we love, we can heal. Unfortunately I seem to have more problems loving myself then others. I do whoever avoid touching people directly when I do Reiki, but stay about 5-10cm away from their bodies when I work on them. This is because we can take negativity or spells from somebody and then we have it in our bodies. Then we sit with the problem to get rid of it again from our own body.

We are not allowed to worship anyone BUT GOD (not even Jesus). But we can ask for help from anyone we think may be glad to help us, whether this is Jesus, Mary, Mum or Dad that passed away or any other entity we trust. Hence Satanist asks some demons and they get help to, since there are plenty of them around. I saw this in my dreams ones how a woman sat on a bench and ask somebody to help her to take revenge. An evil looking entity came up behind her, put his left hand on her right shoulder and ask: ‘What do you want me to do for you?’

So be sure, if you ask for help for something negative, NO ANGEL will come to your aid, but ‘the opposition’ may respond.

Be assured that the negative forces are very busy telling PLENTY people that they are somebody famous, like Elijah, Jesus, Mary, Isis, Osiris, ect. Just search the internet.

THEY try to drive people insane and they also like to cause a lot of confusion. When we call their bluff, they show their true faces and become nasty and try to drive people suicidal. THEY know they have to get rid of us to prevent the ‘Kingdom of God’ from coming. They can’t kill us, so they make sure we do it yourself or nobody listens to us, by making us look insane.

The apocalypse is coming and can NOT be prevented. We can only determinate how we are going to get through it.

Stay away from people who ask a lot of money to help you. Anybody having a gift from God and selling it is not working for GOD. If it is their only job they may ask for their time to be paid for and their expenses, but not for their gift. So if ‘their job’ would only pay them 20 dollars/euros ect, charging 100 for helping you is ‘looking after their own interests; not yours, let alone GOD’S!

Please note: I don’t have all the answers yet, but I’m working on it! Whatever I know I gladly share FREE OF CHARGE.



I call on you right now in a very special way

It is through your power that I’m created

Every step I take, every moment I wake

And every minute of every hour

I live under your power

Father I ask you now

To touch me with that same power

For if you created me from nothing

You can certainly recreate me

Touch me with the healing power of thy Holy Spirit

Cast out anything that should not be in me

Let the warmth of thy healing Love pass through my body

To make new any unhealthy area

And Father restore me in mind and body

So that I may serve YOU for the rest of my live

Father please give back to all you son their wives

Let Love, Peace and Truth rule this world

Let thy kingdom come and thy will be done

On earth, as it is in heaven

I ask this in the name of Christ and the Holy Spirit




One response to “Meditation – prayers – healing

  1. Tony

    September 8, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    I love these words….


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