Matthew 17/11: Jesus replied: “To be sure, Elijah comes and will restore all things.”

Dreams of mine, which I found in Prophecies of NOSTRADAMUS confirmed

Born 14.12.1503

I know already for years that Nostradamus was an incarnation of archangel Michael, an reincarnation of Jesus, and in 2013 it was confirmed to me in a dream!

But most of Nostradamus prophecies for the end-times regarding the return of Elijah/Osiris can ONLY be interpreted by the ‘Elite’; by Elijah and the other archangels incarnated! Elijah is born in France and he will crack the Nostradamus prophecies and he and Moses will crack the Bible-Code, the book of Daniel.

I dream that I’m not the only one dreaming about them, and when they start with their mission all those that are awake and dreamed about him will recognise him!

These passages are definitely about Elijah…

(collected from several sources over the past 15 years)

001…First century…The tenth of the calendar of April, gothic (23.4), raised up by malicious persons. The ‘light’ put out by a diabolical assembly. Seek the bones of ‘the lovers’ (assembly of witches according to Pselleus, a famed writer of black magic, the lovers being ‘the lamb and his bride the new Jerusalem’).

002…First century…Sooner or later you see great changes, extreme horrors and persecutions. ‘The moon’ let by ‘his angel’. The heaven draws near its inclination.

003…Second century…’Eyes shut’ shall be opened by an antique fancy. The clothes of the solitary (community) shall be brought to nothing. The ‘great monarch’ shall punish the ‘frency’ for having ravished the treasure of the temple (the new Jerusalem) before.

004…Second century…The body without soul (Zombie) shall be no more admitted in sacrifice. The day of death placed on the birthday. The divine spirit shall make the soul happy, by seeing the voice in his eternity.

005…Second century…The ‘divine voice’ shall be struck by heaven, so that he cannot proceed any further. The secret of the ‘closed mouth one’ shall be disclosed (by himself in a book), that people shall tread upon and before it.

006…Second century…During the time when the ‘hairy star’ (comet) apparent, the ‘three great princes’ (Elijah, Moses and Joshua) shall be made enemies. Struck from heaven, place quaking earth, Arne, Tiber full of surges, serpents cast upon the shore.

007…Second century…The ‘eagle’ flying around the tents, by other birds (raven/black witches) shall be driven away, when the voice of the crystal trumpets and bells, shall make sense the ‘lady’ (the new Jerusalem)  who was (declared) insane.

008…Second century…Heaven bemoaned to much the ‘androgyny born’ (Jesus). Near heaven human blood shall be spilled (holy wars). By death, to late a ‘great people’ (Christians) shall be divided. Late and soon cometh ‘the help expected’.

009…Second century…The ‘great plague’ of the ‘maritime city’ (LA), shall not cease until the (spiritual) death be revenged of the ‘just blood’ by the ‘condemned without crime’, of the ‘great dame’ (the new Jerusalem) not feigned abused!

009-2…Second century…Fire of the color of gold from heaven to earth shall be seen. Stricken of the ‘high born’, a marvelous event. Great murder of mankind, great loss of infants-some death looking, the ‘great one’ (Elijah) shall escape.

010…Second century: …The letters of the ‘great prophet’ (Elijah) shall be interceded. They shall fall into the hands of a tyrant. His (his lovers) undertakings shall be to deceive the king; But extortion’s shall trouble him soon.

011…Third century…The ‘divine cord’ shall be given to the ‘substance’. Heaven, earth and gold hidden in the mystic fact (bible code).

012…Third century…When the fall of ‘illuminaries’ shall be near, not far distant one from another, cold, drought and dangers toward the frontiers, even where the oracle had his beginning (Elijah was born in France).

013…Third century…The ‘fugitives’, fire from heaven on the ‘pikes’ (leaders). A fight near at hand, the ravens croaking, the CRY from the land: HELP O HEAVENLY POWERS. When near the wall be the fighting men!

014…Third century…When the eclipse of the sun shall be at noon, the monster shall be seen. It shall be interpreted other-ways! Then for death, because nobody hath provided for it.

015…Third century…When the ‘beast’ (the Apocalypse) familiar to mankind after great labor and leaping shall come to speak, the lightning shall be hurtful to a ‘virgin’, that shall be taken from earth and suspended in air.

016…Fourth century…The fire being put out, the ‘virgins’ (holy women) shall betray the greatest part of the ‘new troop’.

017…Fourth century…A ‘serpent’ shall be seen near the royal bed, by a ‘lady of the night’, the dog shall not bark. Then shall be born in France a prince (Elijah) so much royal. Come ‘from heaven’, all the princess shall be seen.

018…Fifth century…’One’ coming upon a sudden shall cause great fear to the ‘principals’  that were hidden and concerned in their business. And the ‘fiery lady’ (Babylon the whore) shall be seen no more and little by little the ‘great ones’ shall be angry.

019… Fifth century…By the pleasure of a voluptuous law (self-indulged), the poison shall be mixed with the law. ‘Venus’ (lust) shall be in great request, that it shall darken the alleys of the sun.

020…Fifth century…The ‘sacred pomp’ shall bow down his wings at the coming of the great law. He shall rise the humble and also the ‘rebellious’. No ‘emulator’ of his shall be born.

021…sixth century…A ‘lady in rage’ (his bisexual wife) of an adultery, Shall come to her prince (Elijah) and conjure him to say nothing. But soon the shameful thing shall be known.

022…Third century: …The ‘tree’ (Elijah) that has long be withered and dead, In one night shall grow green again.

023…Second century…After that shall come out of the remote country, A German prince upon a gilded throne, The slavery and waters meet (poor and rich), The ‘lady’ (Babylon the whore) shall serve; her time no more worshiped…

024…First century: …What neither iron (war) nor fire (baptism) could achieve, Shall be done by a smooth tongue (Elijah’s reasoning) in a council. In sleep, a dream shall make the king (Elijah) to think; The more the enemy in fire and military blood (NOW)…

025…First century: …By a ‘wild name’ (Casanova) one (Elijah) shall be called, So that three sisters (three holy woman) shall have the name of fate. Afterwards a great people (the chosen ones) by tongue and deeds shall say: He shall have fame and renown more than any other…

026…First century; …Sooner or later you shall see great changes, Extreme horrors and persecutions. ‘The moon’ (he is living in spiritual darkness) led by ‘his angel’ (his twin-self is awake), The heaven draws near it’s inclination…

027…Fourth century: …Ignorant envy (of his wife and his lover) being supported by the great king (Elijah), Shall talk of prohibiting the writings (the letters and the book written by his twin-soul): “His wife – no wife’ (in bed), being tempted by another (man and woman), Shall be no more (divorce); than ‘the two’ prevail by crying…

028…Seventh century: …Wine shall be spilled upon a table, by reason, that a third person shall not have her (his twin-self was married twice before)…

029…Fifth century: …The law of the Sun ( the wisdom of Rafael) and Venus (the power of Rafael / the goddess of love) contenting; Appropriating the spirit of prophecy; Neither one or the other (religion) shall be heard. By sol, the law of the great Messiah ( LOVE ) shall subsist…

030…Fifth century: …Being born in the shadows and nocturnal time, He (Elijah) shall be sovereign in kingdom and bounty, He shall cause his blood to be (spiritually)born again from the antique urn (the truth), Renewing a ‘golden age’ instead of the brass one…

031…Fifth century: …The ‘great one’ (Elijah) shall be no more in a false sleep, The restlessness shall take rest…

032…Fifth century…Those that shall have undertaken to destroy the kingdom that has no equal in power and victories shall cause by fraud notice to be given for three nights together, when the ‘greatest’ shall be reading a bible at a table.

033…Fifth century…The ‘great king’ being forsaken by his physician (dying of cancer), shall be kept alive ‘by power’ and not by the art of a Hebrew. He and his kindred shall be put at the top of the kingdom. Grace shall be given to a people that have envied the Christ (Jews).

034…Fifth century…In the islands from the five rivers, into one, by increase of the ‘great Henry’. By the frost of the air and the fury of the one ‘SIX’ shall escape hidden within bundles of flax.

035…Fifth century…The ‘holy widow’ (he was spiritual death for decades) hearing the news of ‘her branch’ put in perplexity or trouble, which shall be skillful in appeasing of quarrels. By his purchase shall make a heap of ‘shaven heads’.

036…Sixth century: …The ‘great carpet’ folded shall not show (symbol for a closed book, a secret), But by half the greatest part of the history, The ‘exiles’ (Elijah, Moses and Joshua) of the kingdom shall ‘appear sharp’ (awake) afar off. In warlike matters, EVERYONE shall believe…

037…Sixth century: …A chief of world, the great Henry (Henry means Ruler / Elijah) shall be, At first loved, afterwards feared and dreaded. His fame and praise shall go beyond the heavens, And he shall be contented with the title of VICTOR

038…Eight century: …The great credit of gold, of silver, great abundance, Shall blind (Elijah’s) honor by lust. The offence of the adulterer shall become known, which shall come to his great dishonor.

039…Ninth century: …A great shame to one, shall be great praise (I dream he is an undercover-policeman gathering evidence)

040…Eight century: …By the power of three temporal kings (Elijah, Moses and Joshua ), The holy sea (the truth) shall be put in another place, Where the substance of the corporeal spirit’, Shall be restored, and admitted for a true seat…

041…Tenth century: Page …The human reign of an angelic (Mary reincarnated was his mother) offspring, Shall cause his (Elijah’s) reign to be in peace and union, Shall make ‘war’ captive; shutting it half up, He shall cause them to keep peace a great while…

042…Tenth century: Page …In the year 1999 and seventh month, From the sky shall come an alarming powerful king (Elijah’s got his first ‘spiritual wake-up call’ in July 1999…and he will bring terror to the evil ones)… To rise again the great king of Jacquerie (comes from Jacob; means – he will prevent; Elijah was also Jacob), Before and after, mars (war) shall reign at will…

043…Tenth century: …The natural to one so high, high, not low, The ‘late return’ (of Elijah) shall make the sad contented, The Reclaiming shall not be without strife, In employing and loosing all the time.

044…Tenth century: …The walls shall be turned from brick into marble, Joy to mankind; the aqueduct shall be rebuilt. Health, abundance, fruits, joy and a mellifluous time…

045…Tenth century: …At last the wolf, lion, ox and ass, the gentle dove, shall lie down with the mastiffs, The manna shall no more fall to them.  There shall be no more watching and keeping of mastiffs (the world will be a safer place).

046…Third century: …Two ‘royal brothers’ (two Archangels, reincarnated) shall war so much one against the other, That the war between them will be ‘mortal’ (it was only on a spiritual level before)! Each one of them shall seize upon strong places (one is for, the other is against lust); Their quarrel shall be concerning Kingdom (the kingdom of God) and life!

047…Pr. November…A great person who has given up power, his power threatened none…(Elijah)…

048…CV III,Q 22… The bloody one  will be put to death by him who bears a noble (divine/archangel incarnated) standard…

049…CV,Q 61…he will never attain monarchical power, through the exposure of his royal (divine) origin, as long as all cities (three holy woman) are not liberated…

050…April, preage 38…the king will be hailed a conqueror and leader. After a piece of treasury (the interception of his twin-self’s letters) his royal origin will become known. He will victor through the blood of a German leader…(she is German)

051…Sixtain 4…from a carpet (a secret), from a lily (a holy woman: Mary incarnated) of bourbon (she was French) , a great prince will be born; coming early (born in 1948) and late (soon) into his province, the time of justice having risen again; the established rule of lust and lies seeing its strength decrease…

052…CVII,Q 12…the younger Henry (Jesus was the older Henry/Ruler) will end the war and by Gods grace and reassemble those that have been exiled…

053…CIX, Q 10…the young prince will be wrongly accused (he was a zombie, under spells and love-portions), will bring controversy upon the territory. He will kill the enemy courageously (with the truth), will  bring back peace through his power, and heal the scrofula by the laying on of hands (spiritual healing)…

054…CVIII,Q 12…His western origin will cause its death (spiritual), duo to a just previously renewed, yet old confusion (the old Yiddish believe of man being allowed to have a concubine if the wife does not perform in bed), for the three lilies (holy women) will halt it, so that its rescued child will be transmuted into living flesh (spiritual rebirth)…

055…CV, QA 74…of captain-blood, the leader will be born with German sentiments (his father was German and he grow up in Germany)…

056…Sixtain 15…when a new commander of the great vessel of the church (Gods church) is elected, this bright torch will serve as a symbol of life on earth for a long time…

057…Sixtain 39…the supplier of a scorch without equal, will come to the fore,…no emperor ever succeeded in such a coup; but nothing worse will happen to this leader…

058…CI,Q 95…a twin will be found in front of a monastery (his twin-self lives like a nun, but NOT IN a monastery); a child of a noble, aged monk (God’s child; God has no sex). Through his party (Elijah’s twin-self), his language and the power of his voice, his noise will be such, that they (the people) will demand the reminding twin (Elijah, spiritual reborn) to be elevated to power (they will pray for him)…

059…Sixtain 56…South-Africa will see things happen on all sides, when ‘the supplier’ will meet up with…(the new Jerusalem/his twin-self) by sea and air there will be great military forces, when the church has given birth to two brothers (Elijah and Moses are spiritual brothers – Archangel Rafael and Gabriel)…

060…CII,Q 79…he will subdue by his intelligence, the proud and cruel race with the curly beards (the Muslims). The great Henry will free from afar all prisoner of the croissant-banner (the communists). Because of the power of the three leaders (Elijah. Moses and Joshua/Archangel Uriel), the holy sea (the truth) will be installed in another place (the kingdom of God on earth on Atlantis), and mass will be celebrated once again.


061…A man will be charged with destroying the temples and religions ALTERED BY FANTASY. He will harm the ‘old rocks’ rather than the ‘living ears’ filled with ornate speeches.

062…Against the ‘red ones’ (revolutionary, spiritual awake, new religion) the religions will unite.

063…The ‘ROSE’ 9the new Jerusalem) upon the world-scene to speak the truth…’they’ will have closed mouths…Then at the time of need the ‘awaited one’ (Elijah) will come late.

064…At the eve of another desolation, when the ‘perverted church’ (Rome) is atop her most high and sublime dignity, there will rise one born from a branch long barren (Jews), who will deliver the people of the world from ‘meek and voluntary slavery’ and place them under the protection of mars. The flame of a sect shall spread the world over ( the flame of enlightenment).

065…He will make Diana’s day as his day of silent rest. He will travel far and wide in his drive to infuriate, delivering a great people from submission.

066…The ‘anti-Christ will return for a last time. All Christians and infidel nations will tremble for the space of 25 years (1994-2019). Wars and battles will be more grievous than ever, so many evils ‘Satan’s prince’ (Azazel) will commit, that almost the entire world will find itself undone and desolated. Before there events many rare birds will CRY in the air: ‘now, now’, and sometime later will vanish.

067…The soft voice of the ‘sacred friend’ is heard under ‘holy ground’. The human flame shines for the divine voice. It will cause the earth to be stained with the blood of the ‘celibate monks’ and to destroy the sacred temples of the ‘impure ones’.

068…LIBRA (justice)will see the western lands to govern. Holding the rules over the skies and the earth. No one will see the forces of Asia destroyed until SEVEN hold the hierarchy in succession (millennium).

069…The year the great 7 number is accomplished, appearing at the time of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium. When the (spiritual) death will come out of their graves.

070…Long awaited, he will never return. He will appear in Asia and be at home in Europe, one who is issued from the great Hermes/Michael.

071…Earth destruction by cosmic meteors in 3755. End of the world in 3797.The human race will survive, possibly in space.

072…When the 7th millennium has come , there will be a ‘hecatomb’ which will occur close to the millennium-end. Then those who entered the tomb will leave…


073…X/31 …the holy empire will arrive in Germany. The Israelites will have found the place where it is green.

074……No paralysis in ‘R’. ‘R’ (Archangel Rafael) is the ballistic part!

075……The king has made his queen a (spiritual) widow.

076…X/45…The widow is nearby, ready to love the one with the ‘crocked leg’ (he lost his right leg according to my dreams). The golden king- over years the wall rightfully is returned to him.

077… X/42…the human ruler of the (arch)angels…forming a league against the severe wars…

078…X/28…report to VENUS-mistakes by the 10, bring back disappointment.

079…X/4…at the height of midnight ‘the leader’ (Elijah)will save himself…suddenly he is chose one by one-7 years later (the tribulation), his soul is not condemned. At his return it will be said: one ounce were 10.

080…X/6 …when the time of burning (judgement-day) is coming, two are (spiritually) born to the ‘lion’.

081…X/9…the ‘cunning woman’ (the new Jerusalem) gives birth to 2 princes…

082…X/17…the queen (new Jerusalem) is chosen; stars see their island injured. Through regrets in the east-damage limited. As a result ‘lamenting’ angers the angels.

083……In Germany, marriage is suspended.

084…X/18…the air of the golden angel, time to sell places. What is height will plunge to depths and what is low will be elevated. The ‘son of the wave of blood’ is chosen in Rome. ‘The two great ones’ will not have caused the disgrace.

085…X/35…then the king (Elijah)went to the ‘great one’ (the new Jerusalem); art (pornography) had made him greedy to find pleasure.

086…X/66…the king of the Baptist’s (John/Elijah)makes a great mistake towards the Antichrist (anti-love) because they invested everything into the leprous souls (into lust/whores)…

087…X/76…the ‘great senate of equality for all’ will develop with great pomp…one who will then be victorious-will be chased. His followers (all major religions will unite for ones in human history) will use the sound of deceit. Well-published (his book), the enemies discontinue their pursuit.

088…X/96…religion named after a victorious mother (the new Jerusalem/Isis), against the sects of the sons-profitable reward (religions who are in for the money). The sect are stubborn- much to be regretted.

089…X/98…the bight radiant light of the joyful ‘virgin’ (the new Jerusalem) will shine for a long time.

090…I/1… ‘the lamp’ goes out because it left the bed of the sun of the German. The fact develops that does not result in 100%. The king is useless again (a zombie again).

091…I/4… through the universe a kingdom is build which will bring peace for a long time, is no more in need of a lie.

092…I/7 …the fulfillment of the ‘divine will’ is coming late…


093……when the adulterer wounded without a blow (the truth hurt his EGO) will have murdered his wife (spiritually) and his son (his love for her) through frustration. Woman is knocked out, he strangles the child (tries to forget about her).

094…eight (women) captives taken, to suffocate without respite, the heart of the lover is opened by furtive love, the woman (he really loves) ravished by streams (of tears).

095…the lascivious one will mimic half the hurt…

096…the father (archangel Rafael, the AA are the universal parents of the angels/mankind) twice to do without the soul (he was twice turned into a zombie by black witches), the ‘great empire’ (Kingdom of God) tests everyone who has a place of responsibility.

097…one is sour (the woman he loves but rejects), the other (Elijah) will be given (spiritual) life. But little time for thorough testing; when the ‘divine spirit’ takes over the ‘prophetic soul’.

098…Troubles, famine, plagues, war are unleashed, water, desert, earth and sea are tinged with blood, and peace refuses to be born. Prelates and princes die!

My comments are in brackets; according to my dreams.

There are some more predictions that could be about Elijah and ‘the chosen ones’; but only the above coincide with my dreams so far! Time will tell!



2 responses to “Nostradamus

  1. Simunye

    January 22, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    Jon, it was after 911 that I first noticed the prophecies about ‘the great prophet’ in a book of Nostradamus. The others I found later in other Nostradamus books. I dreamed about 911 also already in 1997. Believe it or not!
    Most prophecies however I recognized only being about him, because I dream the same things that Nostradamus predicted. For example: I dream he lost his right leg below his knee in 1995, and he was dying, but healed of cancer in 2002.
    But I also dream of Moses and Joshua, and just last week I saw them three putting their heads together and then I saw them looking very busy. I dream Elijah is writing a book and Moses also has to write one, and this is how they will get the truth to mankind and how they will ‘witness’ about the truth. Trust me, the truth is stranger than fiction! 😉
    We are looking at very interesting times ahead! When his book comes out YOU will recognize what those prophecies above are all about. Most of them are however written in metaphors. 🙂

  2. Simunye

    March 1, 2013 at 5:52 am

    Hi Jon 🙂
    The prophecies I collected over the past 15 years from several different sources according how I followed ‘his life’ in my dreams and then finding the matching passage in the book at hand. The crocked leg is obviously referring to his lost leg and he lost it in an motorbike-accident, I dream! But it was no accident but the first attempt of the ‘evil forces’ getting rid of him. I saw in my dream a man messing with his bike and then E drove and later I saw the accident and his bike had landed on his right leg. After that I saw him without his right leg or limping.
    Like, the first book belonged to a friend of mine, the next 2 I found in library’s and the last one I bought myself. At that time it did not occur to me to write down the authors of the books since I did not expect to being sharing those passages one day with others and collected them for my info only.
    I know that Elijah’s mother is french and hence I believe Nostradamus to be right that he was born in France. I think that he will study the book of Nostradamus himself carefully in french, because I believe translations leave plenty room for translation errors.
    I also believe that those two will crack the bible code and that Elijah has the key/code/words to put into the PC to find the answer to what needs to be done to safe mankind.This is the reason why those two are Jewish, so they do not have to relay on others. I further believe that the names of all those who will survive the Apocalypse will be found in the bible code, possibly around 2020
    I dreamed that Moses has the program to crack the bible code already,
    My dreams suggest that the book will possibly be out by the middle of this years and it will be available in several languages.
    Love and light
    Simunye 🙂


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