Our Higher-Self and Karma


Much is said about angels as well as about our higher self and I like to share with you the info given to me about this matter.

All mankind are angel incarnated and most of us have been here more then ones.

Angels are the children of the archangels and the archangels have also been on earth more the ones. In fact, there was NEVER a time that none of them was on earth.

This are the children/angels and the fathers/archangels that Elijah will reunite when he comes, because we forgot who we are!

I just want to name here a few of their incarnations now.

(see famous incarnation of the archangels for more info)

8) Israel was Satan and Solomon

7) Michael was Enoch and Jesus

6) Raphael was Elijah and Saint Nicolas

5) Gabriel was Moses and Mohamed

4) Uriel was Noah and Joshua

3) Ariel was Mary and Josef as well as the parents of Moses

2) Daniel was Aaron and Zacharias/Elisabeth, parents of John

1) Emanuel was Adam/Eve and Lazarus

Our higher-self is androgynous and is like a puppeteer who has on one hand one puppet which is you, and on the hand a puppet which is your twin-self/your other half. We are connected to the higher-self via ‘the silver-cord’

 Our higher selves is NEVER separated and is like the puppeteer, controlling both, the power and the wisdom on earth with their 5 spirits each, like two hands with their 5 fingers. Each spirit can work independently or in accord with the others.

One is the life force the others are assistants. Some of our spirits are positive others might be negative and try to influence the positive ones into doing wrong. So in a way, we all have our own demons.


Some people call what I call here the 5 spirits, soul-aspects! It is the same, never the less!

Sometimes the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing; but if we are ready to do Gods will, our higher self opens up a way for us to know what the other is doing and helps us find him/her.

Each finger represents a spirit and in each life we have one spirit who is the life-force and 4 other spirits who are helping us. This which is why there are more then 8 archangel-names known to mankind, since they have each 10 sub-spirits with different names, and each archangel has one sub-spirit who plays a tempter and one who plays a saviour in the book of life. But just because an archangel plays a villain or witch, that does not make him bad but just a good actor!

The life-force however is not always the same spirit, but the other 4 reminding spirits are always there for support.

However; sometimes one of the spirits whilst on earth may get lost and does what is wrong or worse, becomes evil. Then that spirit will try to influence the other 4 spirits in future life’s to come down to his level. So the ‘devil’ we have to watch out for the most is very often ‘our own’.

Using alcohol and drugs very often will allow this ‘devil’ to take over and this is why some people appear to have different personalities when drunk or drugged and will do things they normally would not do; including kill.

Male and female are equals and as long as one dominates the other, there will never be peace on earth. Women are in the image of ‘The Holy Spirit’, the wisdom/female  of God. This was in the bible originally but the Catholic church took it out to suppress women.

Spirit has no gender, just power/male or wisdom/female. But we can be born in either gender depending on the lessons we chose to learn BEFORE WE CAME DOWN TO EARTH.

The book of life was written aeons ago and we chose the roles we play; so nothing happens by chance. We do have some choices whilst on earth, but God knows his children and hence he knows what we will choose and he knows the outcome.

Reincarnation is there to help us balance our karma so if for example we were male and we used and abused women in a previous life then we will come back as female in another life and will be used and abused in return.


I may add that ‘love-spells’ (black magic) used by women to force themselves onto men is ‘rape’ and will come back to whomever uses them in the form of being raped by the same person who is under the spell; if not in the same, then in another lifetime. So WITCHES BEFARE!

The higher-self/angel is the connection between the couple and when we deserve each other, he will lead us towards each other. Sometimes we will meet to learn some lessons first before being reunited. Very often when we ‘awaken’ we start dreaming about each other before we even meet and our higher self is responsible for those dreams.

Karma is not something that is inflicted on us but something we chose before we were born to atone for our wrongdoings before.

In the kingdom to come’ Jesus promised that we will not marry anymore but we will be like the angels again. This means that every man will get his own wife/other half/twin self back and only when all man have their own wife back and live by Gods law, will there finally be peace.



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