Rehabilitation for dark souls

picsay-1449726574876Rehabilitation for dark souls and other beings
For Millenniums both good, and evil souls were exiled and mostly into stones or into a hell, which was NOT created by God but by dark creatures!
But since around 2005 souls are sent to rehabilitation, both humans and Animals.
There is a rehabilitation which is for severe cases, where they are separated from others that they can not cause any more damage until they repent and where ONLY GOD can release them, because ONLY GOD knows whether they are serious with their regret!
In this rehabilitation they only have contact with the Archangels and with their twin! But the twin they may only see and talk to, but not touch. For many souls the desire is to be united with the Twin is enough reason to change and to repent!
Then there is a rehabilitation to become healthy for souls, where they are well maintained and also a lesson to be taught, because many problems and diseases we ascribe ourselves through poor diet and unhealthy Lifestyle!
The rehabilitation was introduced to prevent the Prophecy in Revelation, namely  the one ‘for the devil to be freed after 1000 years and then to start his nonsense all over again’!
Sure, if you ban someone and let him rot for thousand years he will take revenge afterwards.

Therefor all souls which are banned and where already exiled, were sent by Archangel Rafael in 2005 into Rehabilitation. AZAZEL and RA were rehabilitated on the end of last year. So were hundreds of others! They help since the end of 2014 Archangel Michael and his brothers to send their former comrades into rehab. In this way, the dark side has been very weakenend! The rest are still being chased, or when they attack someone and the angels-helpers notice this, they will be banned on their requests by the archangeld!
Rehabilitation is absolutely necessary, because we already had many Golden Ages when humanity were high evolved and good. But because the fallen soulaspekts were still on the lose, mankind has been repeatedly brought to fall! Rehabilitation is there to prevent this from happening again in the future!


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