Souls and Soul-aspects


Souls and their Soul-aspects
I noticed that many of us do not really know what the difference is between the soul and the soul-aspects.

I would first like to emphasize that  my knowledge does not come to by searching Google, but from experience, intuition and dreams of mine, and from many different unusual people of all breeds, genders and ages.

I’ll try you on the explain by way of example. Nobody has to believe me just because I say so, but to rely on his own feelings. You may also like your guide for help!

Our soul is like a puppeteer.
It is not in our body but in the thereafter.
It is always good.
There are no bad souls.
Our soul has a puppet on each hand. We are connected by the ‘spiritual umbilical cord’ with the soul. So also our twin! It is our soul which brings us together when the time is right! If the cord is cut, we’re dead. But the soul does not die, and the go where they believe they should be, depending of their faith or how much they loves being alive.
Thus, the hand moves us that our other twin. Each hand has 5 fingers which (for example) represent  our soul-aspects.

One ‘finger’ (soul-aspect)  is always the life force. The others are there to support us. But in every life is another finger/SA is the life-force, and the remaining  soul-aspects are there for support.  But  the soul-aspect that is the life-force is in control, or at least it should be!
The earth is the stage on which we play our roles written by God to teach (Book of Life) our soul-aspects what happens if we do not adhere to God’s law.

There is only one law: love.

Here on earth the soul-aspects have the free will to do what they want, as long as they do not intervene in the free will of others.
If we do not stick to it, we learn what happens if we don’t do Gods will another time, when the roles will be reversed, to find out what it feels like when we are on the receiving end.
We decide what role we choose before we were born, depending on what we want to learn.
All soul- aspects started innocently.
As humans, we are  unfortunately exposed to many temptations by the ego.
Also, all too often thoughtlessly children are conceived only for pleasure, not for love (Adams apple).
Those children often grow up without love and then fall into the wrong company and do  things that are wrong or even evil. They then retaliate often against a group of people which  inflicted suffering on them or even on society.
This is how of good people that where born,  become bad people.
These people, when they die, often do not remember they are angels, or they blame God for their suffering and do therefore not return to him or hate him.

Here  religious teachings are mostly to blame.
These soul-aspects (not souls) are the ones who are trying to trick us, just as the good (Angels & guides) are trying to protect us and guide. But they are not allowed to force us. Unfortunately, our ego can often for selfish reason  or convenience prefers to listen to the wrong voices.
Everyone has had a (or more) life where he was ‘holy’, and one (or more) where he ‘went wrong’. (To compensate).
So it’s often not a ‘devil’ trying to mislead us, but one of our own soul-aspects that is misleading us, and our ego, or false believes let it be.
But if we start listening to our own misguided soul-aspects, soon other misguided spirits will be able to mislead us to. .
They are not always evil only just wrong: like saying ‘drinking another glass of alcohol does not matter’, or ‘try all the women in the bed before you get married’ …. grins
It should be mentioned that alcohol, drugs and all the other ‘cravings’ the  not only weakens our soul-aspect, but also removes it, because a good SA does not tolerate alcohol.

With the SA beside us, not in us, the conscience dies, which is the voice of God, a part of the soul and misguided soul-aspects can then govern us.
That is why many people have different personalities under the influence of alcohol and drugs and do things where they would normally not do; including murder!
People who use and abuse their gifts,  will have to bear the consequences of this abuse!
God does not sleep

But God wants ALL have his children back, and since 2001 the Archangels are a ‘lost sheep’ (words of Jesus)  send those into rehabilitation, starting with Azazel and Ra.
Some of them have repented and have been set free by God already.
Now help the EE.
Esoteric is usually for moneymakers and false prophets.
My rule of thumb: when a group claims ‘they are the only ones which have the truth, and who does not listen to them or what they  preach is damned’, or who sell  ‘their truth’:


2 responses to “Souls and Soul-aspects

  1. Tyler

    February 27, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    One Question SIMUNYE I must ask this. I’m prescribed Ritalin and Other Medicines I do not consider them drugs since I have a legal prescription and they have actually helped me. What do you feel in this situation?

    • Simunye

      February 27, 2018 at 3:30 pm

      In a perfect world, you wold not need any medicine, unfortunately, until we in the golden age, it is ok to take your prescription medicine. Thereafter we will be all healed…so let keep praying we there soon. 💋🙏🏻🌈😇


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