Special Children


Much is said on the internet and in books about ‘special children’ being born right now. They are called indigo, star and rainbow children by many.

To me, those are labels and as soon as we ‘label’ somebody, those people seem as if they are better than others; WHICH THEY ARE NOT. They just have different mission at this time.

There are also no CHOSEN PEOPLE but just people WHO CHOOSE TO LIVE BY GODS LAW. This is to fulfil their mission at this time. So anybody can be a ‘chosen one’ if he/she chooses to live by GODS LAW.

I also want to rectify the common believe that there are only indigo/star and rainbow children.

There are also adults who have the same mission and characteristics/labels given to those kids.

It is true however that there are people on earth right now who are here to help bring back the kingdom of God/paradise on earth. This does not necessarily mean they also will survive the apocalypse. That depends on what they chose BEFORE they were born.

Many will have balanced their books / their karma and they see no need to stay any longer on this planet. They will either be taken by the ‘rapture’ (ascending to heaven) or whichever way they chose to departure. It always comes back to FREE WILL. There is nothing that happens to us now that was not chosen by us before we were born. This is the last fife to balance our karma, because in the kingdom of God there will be no more karma; neither suffering nor hart work!

The book of life is like a manuscript for life on earth, and we chose the roles we play in that book. We here to learn to use our free will to choose Gods will, to find out what happens if we chose to live by our will. In order to choose right we have to know first wrong and what happens if we choose wrong.

Likewise is anybody who ‘plays the role of the villain/devil/witch’ not evil but just a good actor. In essence we are all good. But we all have the capability to do wrong if born or brought up under the wrong circumstances.

I can assure you that ‘all holy men and women’ were not always holy in all their lives.

In fact, the stigmata are not a sign of somebody being holy, but of somebody who felt responsible for the cruxification of Jesus in one way or another. Those people were most likely present and helped crucifying Jesus and hence they choose before they were born the stigmata in this life to atone for their wrongdoing towards Jesus.

Stigmata is Karma!


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