The Golden Age


I now have to share with you the prophecies regarding the Golden Age…also known as ‘The kingdom of God’!

When we are looking around us, it is very clear das many prophecies regarding the endtimes are onfolding in front of our eyes!

The NWO is in the process of turning all menkind into their slaves and only the ‘naive, stupid or arrogant’ will still deny this!

If God allows this to go any further, he will have to distroy us all! But he promised that he will come to our rescue; and HE will do so soon!
No NWO can stop GOD!
But GOD will stop THEM!
The ONLY NWO we will have soon, will be GOD’S NWO!

The archangels have been very busy over the last 20 years under Michaels leadership to tackel the ‘unseen forces’ who were helping the delutional leaders to get were they are now! They helped the bad and evil to torture menkind and in many cases they toke possion of poeple to reach their goals!

Plenty of them have been send into Rehabilitation till they repent and ONLY GOD can set them free!
Many have already been rehabilitated and are now helping ‘Michael & Co’ to banish all the others into rehabilitation: wheather they like it or not!

God wants ALL his children back, also the ‘fallen or lost ones’!
Unfortunatly many won’t do so out their free will because they are so arrogant to think they can outwit God!

But since they have been forcing ‘their will’ for milleniums onto all menkind, ‘their free will’ is now been taken away from them!

God gives and takes and ‘as you saw, so you reap’!

Soon the bad or evil people on earth will be on their own; no more support from evil spirits!

‘Gabriel, the power of God’ will soon blow his horn and the elements will cleans this planet of all that is not godly!
Tornados, tsunamies, earthquakes, volkanoes and the rest of the force of nature will fight back for the abuse they had to endure by menkinds hands!

The Rapture will soon take away all poeple who live by Gods law! It is up to every induvidual to look after their own salvation by repenting and start living by Gods law! The 10 commantments are just that, COMMANTMENTS, not just guidelines as some seem to think!

Left behind to face total distraction will be only the bad and evil, including the NWO!

The Rapture will be an elevation of the positive energy and the uplifting into a higher vibration. Those good people will become invisible to those of low, negative vibrations! This process can be best explained by watching the movie ‘the Celestine Prophecies’…!

The ‘chosen ones’ to start the new generation after total distruction, will be taken to safty and return when the dust has settled, under the leadership of the prophet Elijah and his wife, also know as Isis and Osiris or Saint Francis and Saint Clair!

ALL religions will fall and ALL goverments! There will be ONLY one law, one ruler, one God and this will be God Almighty!

Tvere will be no more worshipping of any gods, prophets, ‘stars’ of any kind or our own bodys!

All menkind will be psychic and have direct access to God and the universal truth!

There will be peace, and this time it will be forever, since the cause why menkind always go back to their bad habbits, ie the bad influrences from bad spirits, will be removed before hand!

Believe it or not!


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