The only way to God is Love


Unfortunately, many were  made to believe that the only way to God is Jesus!

He has never said this! This is a story the Church has invented to emotional blackmail people!

But he did say what he is, are we to, and what he can do, we can do aswel!

Jesus was a soulaspect of Archangel Michael inkarnated!

The Archangels are the sons of Christ and the Holy Spirit, the wisdom of Christ!

If they would be correct God would not do just … because he allows the people to be born in other religions.

So he only needed to make other Religion barren  if he wanted to have only Christians!

God is love, he is righteous, merciful, omniscient, etc!

Those who believe that God made an error when he allowed other religions, is mistaken.

WE have invented religions from arrogance or because we were misslead.

God has permitted that we see that we cannot govern ourself, unless we obey His laws!

God will now  destroy all religions and governments because they abused their power!

Whether you believe it or not!


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