Azazel, Ra & Satan


The roots of ALL evil…

All mankind is born with an addiction to love.

Because so many times we don’t get love from our parents, or don’t find God, who is the ultimate LOVE we are searching for, we often end up also falling in love with the wrong partners. And so we start replacing our addiction for LOVE with other addictions, be it money, power, knowledge, sex, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, religion etc.

Hence some people who did not find love, found knowledge about magic and started misusing their powers to get whatever they want by forcing their way onto others by manipulation them and using their power of mind.

Adams apple is a symbol for adultery. Satan seduced Eva and Abel was the fruit of that adultery. Hence the sons of Ewe were on each others throat, just like most siblings are still today , specially if they don’t have the same parents. Adam also eat of the ‘forbidden fruit; he also committed adultery.

Jacobs 12 sons had different mothers and sold one of their brothers. Jacobs 13th son who was fathered during rape when Jacob ‘fought with the angel and won’ (symbol for a good woman) and so on.

Now to Azazel the tempter, who like Satan was supposed to just to tempt mankind, not force them to do wrong.

Azazel the tempter, who is responsible for all corruption in this world (book of Enoch) wrote the book of white magic.

But in another a later life when being rejected by the person she (incarnated as female) loved she turned to black magic to get what she wanted.

Then in a another life, another soul-aspect of Azazel’s (Ra, incarnated as female) who was not loved and rejected by her mother and society because she was illegitimate and conceived during a rape and ended up with the wrong crowd and misused her powers to get what she wants, to take revenge on her mother and society. She became worse then Azazel but put all the blame for her wrongdoings on Azazel.

What it comes down to is, that adultery and having sex for fun may not be evil but wrong, because the kids are paying for the adults mistakes and turn evil because of it.

In order to bring peace back on earth, some of the archangels are back incarnated to safe those ‘lost souls’ with the help of archangel Michael and the heavenly hierarchy, so that they can repent and together they are busy reversing some of the damage done and put an end to adultery and black magic.

In order to get this done Azazel, Ra and all others abusing and misusing their powers had to be banished first by archangel Raphael to be stopped, and then they were put into a rehabilitation program till they ready to repent and do Gods will again. This process started early in this millennium already and is now in full swing!

God will NOT allow anybody to intervene in his plans of ‘peace for mankind’ any longer, not by ‘fallen angels’, ‘aliens’ or any selfish human being; regardless if they are Kings, presidents or popes! Those that won’t listen now, simply have to feel!


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