The truth about the 666


NOTHING is bad!

But EVERYTHING can be used or misused for either good or bad

The choice is ours!

GOD is GOOD and he created everything GOOD!

But mankind is either using everything or misusing it, and that is how some things got a bad reputation; includng the 666.

Satanists love to use everything good and turn it upside down. They turned the cross upside down. They turned the 5-pointed star, a symbol for man standing upright, upside down, because THEY oposed EVERYTHING that is good, right, white and light ect!

They took the 999, the number of CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT and  turned it upside down and declared the 666 their number.

The revelation tells us, that the anti-christs number is the 666.

This has been misinpreted by religious fanatics who don’t know what they talking about, into that ‘the number 666 is evil’; most likely, because the Satanists misuse this number.

However, this passage just tells us that the anti-christs name adds in numerology  up to 666.

Now, how many other names are adding up to 666? Maybe even our own name adds up to it. Does that make every person who’s name adds up to 666 evil?

Of course NOT!

But according to the Greek alphabet, in numerology the following words have been calculated to 666:

C o m p u t e r




adds up to 666! Makes me wonder who had a good reason to frame the 666 as evil?

Answer: the real beast/anti-Christ!

However, the real sign of the beast is the computer-bar-code without which we already have problems to buy or sell today. The main-computer in Brussels were those codes are stored is called ‘LA BETE’, meaning ‘the beast’.

I may add that there are different means of using numerology created by different cultures or religions. So which one applies to the revelation?

I also read that the 666 was originally not even in the bible, but the original number was later replaced by the 666.

This is what I dreamed: I saw AZAZEL replacing his own number with the 666.

But who is Azazel? According to the book of Enoch, which the church took out the bible ca 1000 years ago, Azazel was an ‘fallen angel’ who is responcible for all the coruption on this planet (not Satan) and who will be banished in the endtimes by archangel Raphael. Raphael will banish also all other demons and restore all things, because Raphael is also Elijah.

Azazel taught mankind how to make wapens and fight. Azazel taught mankind how to use ‘black magic’ to force their will onto others and Azazel showed woman how to look sexy, to wear make-up and jewels, to seduce the ‘sons of God’ into sleeping with humans. Hence ‘looking sexy’ is an invention of a demon and against Gods will!

Enoch also predicted his own return as none other than JESUS and he predicted that nobody will mislead more off Gods sheep than the last 12 sheppards/apostles.

Now that explains why the church took the book of Enoch out the bible along with some other books that tell us some truth the church does not want US to know about.

Book of Wisdom: ‘WISDOM – SHE is the Holy Spirit of God’. So God did not make a mistake after all when he created women, as the male-dominated religions want to make us believe. Women are in fact created in the image of The Holy Spirit.

Book of Tobit: archangel Raphael told Tobit that God created Sarah for Tobit long BEFORE he created the earth. He also told Tobit just to pray and ask Gods blessing before uniting with Sarah in love. Priests have no authority given by God to marry anybody since they have no clue which woman God created BEFORE he created the earth for which man!

And so on…

Now back to 666!

All triple numbers belong to the ‘Sons of God’:

999 Christ/HolySpirit (they are one and the parents of the ‘archangels’ also known as ‘the gods’ or the ‘princes of the universe and they are octruplets)

888 archangel Israel/Satan/Salomon ect

777 archangel Michael/Enoch/Jesus ect

666 archangel Raphael/Elijah/Jacob ect

555 archangel Gabriel/Moses/Mohamed ect

444 archangel Uriel/Joshua/Noah ect

333 archangel Ariel/parents of Moses and Jesus and now Elijah reborn ect

222 archangel Daniel/Aroon/Zecharia ect

111 archangel Emmanuel/Adam/ Lazarus ect

The archangels are the parents of the angels, and ‘those are the children and parents that Elijah will re-unite’.

Mankind are angels incarnated, and Jesus himself said it! Jesus said that we are what he is. Hence he must be an angel to; according to his own words!

If he was Christ the ONLY son, we could not be what he is!

I assure you that Raphael is not impressed that his name has been misued for evil purposes and hence it is Raphael who will banish Azazel who framed him; as well as all other demons.

Raphael will bring an end to war, black magic, adultery, worshipping of ‘idols’ and vanity-insanity (worshipping of beauty, sexy bodies, including our own) ect…smile

I may add that there are two Raphael’s on earth right now: Elijah and his ‘spiritual wife’ (angels are androginous)! They are one soul in two bodies and whilst HE will bring the truth to set us free, SHE is the angel with the key to lock all demons away!

Along with them are two Gabriel’s and two Uriel’s to support them!

Satan/Israel is on earth to. But ever since one of the Raphael’s is awake and doing ‘Gods will’, Satan has been released of his duty as tempter  (see the book of Job, where God tells him to tempt Job) and he has been redeemed about 18 years ago.

 But there are still some other ‘wannabe-satans’ who need to be shown that God and his angels have enough of their none-sense!

Believe it or not!

Bring it on Raphael!



Please note that the name of Messiah can be spelt in different ways and different websites have different numerical values, hence I don’t believe in numerology.
But the 666 can clearly be found in ALL early barcode, and that is a proven fact.



 Makes you think…😇🙏🏻


One response to “The truth about the 666

  1. Luke Charbonneau

    July 23, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    I believe that deceit, vanity, and murder are the threescore six names of the beasts nature


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