David Star and Trinity of God


The real meaning of the Star of David or Seal of Salomon!

One triangle represents the Power of God, and the other triangle the Wisdom of God.

Those triangles are intertwined, which represents the Love that binds the power/male and the wisdom/female, and the love of the two made manifest is the child.

This truth has been misinterpreted, to hide the fact that God is also female by male-dominated religions.

For generations religions have been arguing about God. Is God male, female or is God a trinity, as the Christians claim?

Fact is that there is only one God, but he is three in one.

But the Christians have the meaning all wrong.

Christ’ is the surname of Jesus!

In early days Kids got as Surmane either the Name or the occupation of der fathers, or the name of the town they lived in. So was Adams son (not The  first one) calles Fritz Adams, and the bakers Fritz was called ‘ Fritz Baker, or the Mary out Madgala was called ‘Mary Magdala, which was later changed to May Magdalena!

When we start living by Gods law, we to become Christ’s.

God is ONE, but in essence he is three in one: father/power/male and mother/wisdom/female bound by love/child/androgynous like the parent.

Contrary to all popular believes and the myth spread by the Catholic Church, Jesus is NOT a part of the trinity.

Jesus was archangel Michael, the second-born of the 8 archangels, the sons of Christ and his Wisdom, ‘the Holy Spirit’. Elijah was archangel Raphael. Moses was archangel Gabriel, ect, ect, ect…see…

see…famous incarnations of the Archangels for more info!

All archangels have been on earth several times, because they are the parents of the angels/mankind!

But whilst many Christians are pointing fingers at the Catholic Church for worshipping Mary who was also an archangel/Ariel, they still worship Jesus even if it is prohibited by the first commandment.

May I add we are also not allowed to make an image of God, and the bible is one of such image that people believe more than when God speaks to them. God is not dump and I’m not deaf.

God is a living God and I only believe what ‘God’ tells me.

Believe it or not!



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