Tree of knowledge


First time I read the bible myself, I read till the page about Lot and how he handed over his two innocent daughters to the guys of Sodom and Gomorrah, to protect the angels from them.

My hair stood up on end and my first reaction was that I did not want to read any further, because how can a father hand his innocent daughters over to men who he does not want to let near the angels because they were so bad? It was standing there that he handed his kids over to those men ‘so that they may KNOW them’.

I got a dictionary out to find out what ‘knowing them’ actually means. There is was standing that ‘knowing somebody in a biblical sense’ means, having intercourse with them. So Lot gave his daughters to be raped to protect the angels. This is outrageous! If those were indeed angels, they would have protected those girls from their father.

But this is how I found out what the ‘tree of knowledge’ is really all about: Lust & sex!

Then it also started making sense to me why after Adam and Ewe ‘eat from the forbidden fruit’, the apple in neighbours garden, and had sex with others then each other (adultery), that they covered up there shame to hide what they did ‘with their private parts’, from God.

But since they both had kids with those others, those kids were the living prove for their adultery, and the kids started fighting and killing each other (Cain & Abel) and we all ‘pay now for their sins’ (original sin)!

Hence, ‘Knowledge’ in the bible has more to do with intimately knowing everything and everybody (immorallity), than with spiritual knowledge. Adam and Ewe were psychic and had still all the spiritual knowledge. But mankind lost this ability to have spiritual knowledge when they gained the knowledge of sex and lust!

Yet many still, or again have they experience to  KNOW when they met the right partner and experience ‘love at first sight’. Provided they also have found God, they are then not interested in anybody else of the opposite sex any more.

That is the ‘mystery of the tree of knowledge’, which will ultimately help us to find the ‘tree of life’: eternal life!

Jesus said, that in the kingdom to come men will not get married any more, neither will they be given in marriage, because they will be like the angels again.

Angels are androgynous, male and female in one (one soul in two bodies), which means that every man will get his twinself back!

Only when every men finds true love and God, will they stop lusting after the wrong partners and then they will be happy, the kids will be happy and this world will be a better place.

In the ‘Kingdom of God’ to come soon, everybody who makes it there will accent to heaven when their time on earth is over!

Believe it or not!


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