Tribulation and the rapture…

Screenshot_2016-05-16-09-26-54-1The 7 years of tribulation and the rapture…

My dreams and my investigation into other material available, including the bible-code, lead me to believe that the 21.12.12 was the return of the prophet Elijah.
Therefore it was not ‘the endof the wolrd’ as many wanted us to believe, but ‘the beginning of the end of all evil’!
My draems tell me that Elijah was spirituel reborn that day, and other info I got say, that he almost died that day and the Soulaspekt of him that was Elijah (as well as Osiris) walked into his body that day und changed place with his original soulaspekt! He became a walk-in!
Bible-code predicts Eliahs return for that time to.
It therefore tells me, that we are in those 7 years of tribulation, andthat something great is going to hapoen in the middle of those 7 years, ie 21.6.16!
I ones dreamed that the rapture is in the middle of a timeperiod, and assume that the 7 years are ment with this!
I get report from people who have dreams or visions of the 21.6. or the 22.6. which could be because the 21. comes in some countrys a day later.
It is comman knowledge that it is said that 144000 souls we be taken by the rapture, something I think has been widely misinterpreted. My soul reacts to at least 144000 are required for this event to take place, and how many it will be depends entirely on how many wake up in time to qualify for this event!
I also get, that many people have latle had soulexchanges und plenty more will get them soon, to give everyone a chance to save themself. Only those who will still resist becoming a better person and still use and abuse others will go throgh the apocolyse till the very end, which according to my calculation would be the 21.12.19.
Those that start the new generation and still have a job to do, will still be here after the 21.6.16, but will be take by friendly UFO’s to safty before the sh.. hits the fan’ so to speak!
But I believe that the worse can be prevented, because God ist love and mercy, therefore ‘geniun prayers and repentance’ may change the course of the coming last event!
God bless you


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