Trump ashers in the coming of the Messiah’s, in bible code…



Halleluja…this has been confirmend to me by many sources…

But do not believe everything you hear about the bible code, because like the bible, the code is open to interpretation and most people read into it what the want to hear according to their believes!


Glazerton is good at finding things, but I do not agree with some of his interpretations! When the codes says Israel, repenting and redemption, it is not about the land of Israel, but about Jacob/ Israel, who was also Elijah, Osiris, Saint Nicolas and Saint Francis to name but a few!

Jacob/ Israel has to repent for some lies he told his people back then and tell the truth now, as well as for some things he did in this life which God is not happy about!

Believe it or not!

Interistingly is also that Elijah-Israel was born a Jew in 1948, and his parents were reincarnations of Mary and Josef. Knowing this helps me to see what is really standing there in the code!

In order to find the truth in the code we first have to know what to search for.


Say ra-el is found with messiah and year in the search-engine, we may end up to believe it is Jesus because it all comes up on one page, when adding words like false, fake, impostor or such words on the same, the page may tell us the truth.

We will not only find the name of the messiah in there but also all fake messiahs, and there are plenty of those. Some even change their name to fit the findings in the code!

The names of all those surviving the appocolypse will also be in there.

In a nutshell:
Anybody bragging to be Jesus, IS NOT JESUS
Anybody demanding to be worshipped as messiah, IS NOT JESUS
Anybody demanding money, IS NOT JESUS
Anybody changing the spelling of their name to fit findings in the bible code, IS NOT JESUS
Anybody threatening hell and damnation if you don’t believe or do either of the above, IS NOT JESUS
…because JESUS preached AGAINST all of the above!

Nobody knows the real messiah yet, hence nobody can search for him. It is his previledge to find his name in the code and those of his associates, like Moses, because: only the lamb has the key to the book with the seven seals, no  rabbi, priest or ”wannabee – Messiah’ and there are plenty fakes out there and plenty misinterpretations!




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