Orbs & other spiritual phenomena’s


This parts of my book are dedicated to all those sceptics, nonbelievers and
that only believe in things they can see…

I found those spiritual phenomenas on my pictures after I bought my first digital camera, which Unfortunately was stolen from me in January 2006.
I thank SPIRIT with all my heart for ‘posing’ for me, to prove their existence.

I dare YOU to open up your eyes and SEE what I am about to show you…

Here I took a shot off the entertainer Pieter King, an Elvis impersonator on the Queen Mary 1 in Long Beach

The Queen Mary 1 is supposed to be the most haunted place in the USA, if not in the world!LA in January 2005.


Spirit on the dance-floor on the Queen Mary 1? Plasma?

spiritual pics 042

Elvis impersonator singing on the Queen Mary1! Close-Up!

LA 002

Ballroom ceiling on the Queen Mary1

LA 004

The famous haunted pool on the Queen Mary1

LA 001

This picture I took in the stateroom of the ship, where it was damaged from a collision and for sake of the ‘haunted show’, the accident was simulated , and water coming into the ship. Just look at the water: looks like energy…and are those lights the souls of the people who died in the collision?


spiritual pics 027


Now to a picture I took with my timer while I pretended to sleep…BHH 037 Lights in room 810 015

and how about a close-up on the light above the bed? Could this be my guide?


Here is another light by a picture painted by a friend of mine, and this light is still on the move or has company!


There is a sad story to the next picture. In our village there WAS an old little church which was turned into a restaurant in 2003, The place was always busy , because the food was good and affordable and the surrounding so beautiful and serene. Unfortunately it fell victim to arson in May 2006 and there is nothing left of the place..
I noticed that this was a place where I had on a regular basis ‘orbs’ on the pictures.


The story of this picture however did not end there, because when I showed the picture to my collages at work, one said: ” But this are my mum and my aunt on this picture!

Here are 2 pictures I took in a row, and when I looked at them I found those strange red things, looking like trumpets on them…


and number 2, with an oval energy-field in front of it !


On the opposide of the street I toke a picture of the front of a crystal-shop…


..just look at the trail of energy coming in from the right, that this light, exploding in front of the window-frame, left behind!

In April 2005 I went on a cruise in Amsterdam and here are just a few picture I took on the ship…

And this one was taken by another guest on that cruise with my cam while I was dancing!


The right end of a light, must be an orb being to close to the cam, hence it only cached the lower end of . Believe it or not!



spiritual pics 033

..there are many more of those pictures!

Ok, we see the reflection of the flash-light very clearly in front of me. But what are this circles in front of my tummy, with something pink, something green and what appears to be blue within and under those energy-rings? I have another picture taken that time, where this light are above my head…..see for yourself!



Boarding Air Lingus

Plasma, something I have seldom on my pictures!


 Orb @ Maureen O Hara’s meeting in our hotel…


Lunch after my mums burial…


Orbs in the pub…


X-mas Orb




Orb in my kitchen!

my pictures 001

Meeting of spiritual healers @ the Baltimore Harbour Hotel, Ireland!

Glengarriff National-Park!


Apparently, the woods are haunted in this area, because a war took place there.


Crag Cave by Killarney

jan 2014My last big Orb in South Africa


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