What is a Walk-In?


A walk-in is an agreement between two souls, where the original soulleaves her body in the course of their life and another soul takes over the body. This usally happens at a near-death experience, as in an accident, a suicide attempt or heartarrack.


There are three types of walk-ins. One is where another soulaspect of the same soul takes over which is higher evolved, and does not want to go through a birth and Growingup-process ä. In that case, the person knows who she was before, but has possible memory lapses.

But the person often a change of attitude, is interested inn other things than before, is spirituel, changes its taste in clothes, etc., and often becomes overnight vegetarian!

In the second variety Walk-Iin, it is a completely strange soul that takes over the body. In this case the person has amnesia from who it was previously and claims possible even to be someone else. Again, the soulexchange brings a complete turnaround in lifestyle, mostly to the spiritual!

The third variety is called braided-soul, where two souls share one body. This may be because the original soul which was traumatised is weak and needs support, or because the new soul is so high endwickelt that she is sometimes needed elsewhere, and then the other soul takes control for so long! Again, the person changed dramatically for the better and changed his habits!


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