Why are we on earth


We are on earth to learn to use our own ‘free will’, to do ‘Gods Will’ and to find out what happens if we insist on doing our own will and disregard Gods law and the free will of others.

The sorry state of this planet at this time is a result of doing what we want and disregarding Gods law and others!

Our ‘free will’ stops were another’s ‘free will’ begins, and if one person likes peace and quiet and the next door neighbour likes to party all the time, then one person takes away the others God-given free will, and this is against Gods law.

One perfect example is when one person likes to smoke and the other does not. So who is right here?

The one who does not smoke, because our body is the temple of God, and hence we should not defile it by putting any drugs into it, or alcohol, or use it as a canvas, or decorate it like a Christmas-tree with jewels, make-up or sexy clothing.

All those things are inventions of the tempter Azazel, to seduce the sons of God into sleeping with mankind, according to the Book of Enoch.

All those things and those people who insist on hanging on to them will be taken away BY GOD by the apocalypse so that the Kingdom of God can be established ones again on earth.

Another example is: the worshipping of movie, singing and sport-stars and even leaders of governments or religions. Same for the worshipping of the bodies of others and our own as well the misuse of same for ‘having fun without love’!Worshipping prophets or Gods (or Goddesses) as God is another disobedience that will be stopped soon, regardless whether this is Osiris, Isis Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mary or Mohammed we worship.

Those men and women are all archangels incarnated to show us how to live by Gods law and neither of them ask to be worshipped, or is allowed to be worshipped as God.

Lastly, but not leastly there are those who worship ‘money’! Needless to say that money is not invented by God either and will also soon become first worthless and then destroyed!

Just because so many people do what is wrong, does not turn wrong into right or dark into light!

The 10 commandments are not just guidelines, and anybody having more then one partner is committing adultery, regardless if he has his partners permission to do so or not.

So threesomes, swinging or orgies are immoral and are against Gods law!

Having sex or watching any sex and other intimacies in public, on videos, on TV or PC or in magazines, is against Gods law: even if HOLLYWOOD tells us otherwise!

It is NOT cool: it is disgusting in Gods eyes! Beware, he is watching even if it happens behind closed doors!

Believe it or not…

Gods bless to you all…


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