Why Jacob was called Israel…


Oh dear, this is a revelation many people do not wish to hear about.

But than there are others, who might just finally make sense of what happened really at the time Jacob was renamed Israel, because angels do not fight humans and if, they will win!

First of all may it be noticed that many of the prophets of old were ‘clairvoyant’ and could hear. But many times they could not ‘see’ who was talking to them and they were mislead by the tempter AZAZEL into believing God, spoke to them, when in fact it was Azazel od other imposters who were pretending to be God.

Off course God would not punish those prophets if they were convinced it was him and many time he intervened in the imposters evil plans:

like when a imposter told Abraham that he must kill his only son Isaac. Abraham was convinced it was God and was ready to do the unthinkable, when God intervened. If Abraham and Sarah would be living today and Abraham would tell Sarah God ask him to kill their son, Sarah would send him to go and see a shrink. 😉

Many men were mislead into adultery by Azazel, the tempter, who tough mankind black magic, and how to look sexy (put on make up) to seduce the ‘Gods son’s (which are all good man), and Azazel will according to the book of Enoch be thrown into the pit by archangel Raphael, in the end-times’. 🙂

God created ‘one man and one woman’, not one man and many woman, and he created them equal, but with different attributes and tasks.

Now to Israel:

Israel, the archangel is the one that is called the fallen angel, the first-born of the octruplets.

But Jacob was not Israel.

Jacob was Raphael on earth and so was Rachel.

So in the eyes of God ONLY Rachel was his wife, all others he committed adultery with.

Jacob wanted only Rachel to begin with, but later accepted the believes of his in-laws who forced Lea onto him via fraud, using mandrax.

Than he was also given the maids of Lea and Rachel, according to the in-laws believes.

Jacob was convinced that it was God that wanted him to have many children, preferably sons. But it was AZAZEL who put this thoughts into his head.

Every time he made one of his wife’s maids his concubine, the wife’s got a new maid.

When Rachel became a new maid, Jacob thought he must have her as well, and on that day he fought with ‘an angel’, it was this maid he fought with.

He wanted sexual favours from her, but she was a good woman/an angel, and she told him that she does not want him, because he was Rachel’s husband.

The words she used was ‘Isch Rachel’, meaning ‘Rachel’s Husband’. Isch Rachel was later joint and the 2 ch’s were omitted, leaving Israel.

Jacob forced himself onto her/ raped her/fought with the angel and in duo process misplaced his hip, and the maid was pregnant. As an result, the 13th son of Jacob was born, who was never acknowledged as an Israelite!

He became later Herod, trying to kill all Jews, and Hitler, because he hated Jacob for what he did to his mother and because Jacob did not acknowledge him as his son!

I may add that this good maid, was not so good in a previous life. She was a black witch, putting spells on others. In that previous life she had put a love spell on ‘Jacob’ which came back to hound her in her next live.

If we cannot get somebody into bed voluntarily, but we can when we put a spell on them, that is rape, spiritual rape, and will come back to hound us one way or the other, because ‘as we saw, so we reap’.

Many people who get raped, may be raped because they were ‘witches or warlocks’ in previous life’s, misusing their powers to force them-self onto others. Call it karma, or retribution, whatever!

I may add, that if you ask somebody to put spells on others, YOU will have to pay for this, as-well as the other person!


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