Why Jesus was ‘really’ cruxified



For 2 millenniums Christians  were brainwashed to believe that ‘Jesus died for our sins’, when he himself said the law says: ‘as you saw, so you reap’. The law does not say that somebody else (Jesus) will do the reaping for us.

Jesus also said: ‘what I am, you are’ and this contradicts the ‘only begotten son theory’ invented by the Catholic Church. If however he was God, as many believe, than we must also be Gods to; which I don’t believe either.

The ‘law of cause and effect’ warrants for everybody who gets away with doing wrong in one life, to catch up in another life.

Example: men who abuse women will be women in another life and will be abused consequently.

However, karma is not something that somebody inflicts on us, but something we chose BEFORE WE WERE BORN to be inflicted an us, according to the script written in the book of life, and we chose our roles.

Karma does not need to be ‘suffered of’ but can also be’worked of’ or both to speed up redemption.

I will introduce you now to a previous life of Jesus which sets the scene for the cruxification in another according to the law of cause and effect.

Millenniums ago, before the time of the patriarchs, there were 3 women who used black magic to break off happy marriages, to find out who is the most powerful witch of them. The one who managed to get this happily married man into bed was the winner.

They broke of several marriages  and most of the time the same women ‘won’. The last time however she fall pregnant with the child of this married man and when his wife found out about it, she committed suicide.

Her sister in law, who also fell victim to those spells and who’s marriage was also broken up by the same witch, found out that this woman used spells to do so.

Together with her husband  (who returned to her after the witch moved on to her next victim), her mother, one of her sisters who’s marriage was also broken off by the same woman, and some others (13 people in total) had enough and went after this witch and burned her at the stakes.

Jesus was on earth at that time and he was a hermit  He tried to talk sense into those who burned the witch, but he made the mistake of telling them that ‘after all, she did not do it alone’. But if he thought that would make them repent for burning this woman, he was wrong. They went after the second woman and burned her and he tried to warn the third one but came to late.

This started a witch-hunt and every man who ‘got caught with his pants down’ would blame it on the woman to save his own butt, even if the woman was not a witch.

Many innocent woman got caught in this witch-hunt and the ‘hermit’ felt it was his mistake, that if he had kept his mouth shut, the witch-hunt might had stopped with the first one. Hence ‘he chose’ being betrayed and publicly executed  2000 years ago and this is why his last words were: ‘it is done’, meaning he balanced his karma and reached perfection.

Personally I feel that he was to harsh with himself, but fact is, that  the higher somebody is evolved, the more guilty we feel about even little mistakes.

Those three witches were on earth 2000 years ago and they were Ruth and  Martha, the sisters of Lazarus and Lazarus wife. So if Jesus did die for somebody’s sin, it would be for the sins of those three woman in a previous life. But some of those witch-hunters were on earth also.

There was John the Baptist (who came back to his wife after the witch moved onto her next victim), Mary, sister of Lazarus (who was his wife back than), Miriam, sister of Jesus mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene , and they did burn some innocent women in the process.  They do however get some grace since they were all victims of those witches to begin with. But that does not mean they got away with ‘murder’.

John the Baptist chose the stigmata when he was Saint Francis, Ruth chose the stigmata when she was Saint Kathrine to suffer with Jesus, because they feel responsible for his cruxification, and she was also poisoned in that life. Stigmata is karma for anyone who helped killing Jesus of felt responsible in one way or the other.

Mary, sister of Lazarus was poisoned in one life and is now back to save as many of those witches in this life and banish those that don’t want to repent and are still misusing their powers.

I don’t know how many other life’s they all had in which they toke on some suffering as karma, like when Mary was Saint Clair who was in love with Francis and he loved her to. They chose to stay unmarried and follow the Lords calling to suffer for what they did during the witch-hunt.

Believe it or not!



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    November 9, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    So true.


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